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To support and strengthen teaching, learning, and research by providing the collections, services, and environments that lead to intellectual discovery. As area studies specialists, we strive to make specialized, individual connections between researchers, students, and library collections and services.


Wookjin Cheun, Librarian for Slavic and East European Studies
Karen Stoll Farrell, Librarian for South Asian and Southeast Asian Studies
Marion Frank-Wilson , Librarian for AfricanGlobal Studies, and International Studies
Luis A. González, Librarian for Latin American and Caribbean, Spanish and Portuguese, Chicano-RiqueñoLatino Studies, and European Studies
Akram Khabibullaev, Librarian for Middle Eastern and Islamic, Central Eurasian, and Jewish Studies
Wen-ling Liu, Librarian for East Asian and Tibetan Studies

Kelsey Schilling, Senior Collections/Reference Assistant (to Luis González)
Karen Timko, Senior Collections/Reference Assistant (to Wookjin Cheun)
Jacoba Wells, Senior Collections/Reference Assistant (to Marion Frank-Wilson & Akram Khabibullaev


Build the Library’s collections – We are responsible for selecting library materials on and about Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. We actively seek input from faculty and students. You are invited to recommend an item for purchase or contact the librarian responsible for your subject to discuss collections.

Provide reference and research consultation – Area Studies Librarians are available to meet with you for in-depth reference and research consultations. You may contact Area Studies librarians by e-mail, telephone, or visiting our offices and web pages.

Teach students how to do research – We provide library learning experiences tailored to specific IUB undergraduate and graduate courses. We work with instructors to gather relevant resources and introduce students to appropriate research methods.

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Wells Library E860
1320 East Tenth Street
Indiana University
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Karen Farrell
Karen Farrell - Head of Area Studies, South Asian and Southeast Asian Studies Librarian, Assistant Librarian
(812) 855-5647