Can't connect? Try these three troubleshooting tips to get access to IU Bloomington online library resources. Or, call, email, or chat with a librarian for further assistance - we're here to help!

#1 Check known issues/outages

Check the status of a database, electronic journal, or electronic book portal on the Outages and Downtime page. If the title is not listed there and you are experiencing problems in connecting to the database, electronic journal or other resource you need, report the problem. Information about IU notices and downtimes, including IUCAT, is available at Status.IU

#2 Double check that you have access

Most resources made available by the IU Bloomington Libraries require signed purchase agreements or licenses that restrict their use to:

  • Currently enrolled Bloomington students, currently employed Bloomington faculty and staff, and retired faculty and staff with IU Bloomington network IDs that allow access to One.IU automatically have access to Bloomington library resources from on-campus and off-campus. 
  • Students or faculty members from other campuses who are currently enrolled in or teaching a class on the Bloomington campus may complete this educational access form to request temporary access.
  • Wireless connections from on-campus through eduroam allow IU Bloomington-affiliated users to access IU Bloomington Libraries electronic subscription resources.
  • Visitors to the IU Bloomington Libraries may request a free temporary computer account and use most library subscription resources from library computers during their visit.

Most resources can be accessed from outside the libraries by authorized users, others are restricted to on-campus use, and still others may be accessed from anywhere by anyone. Information about how and where a database can be accessed can be found on the resource's More Info page (for example, Project Muse) or by finding the availability icon next to the resource in the A-Z list:

    Database available without restriction (users will not be asked to log in)

    Database available to users on IU Bloomington campus only

   Database available to authorized IU Bloomington users (on or off campus)

Resource available at public workstations in libraries only    Database available on public workstations in libraries

Databases available on public workstations have locally loaded data for which special software is needed on the workstation to allow its use. There are a small number of these resources that can only be used in the Wells Library or other libraries on campus at IU Bloomington.

#3 Check settings on your device

  • Browser settings
    • To access many of the resources from the IU Bloomington Libraries web page and to see all of the options in IUCAT, you must have cookies enabled in your browser of choice.  You can find instructions in the Knowledge Base on how to enable cookies.
    • Close and reopen your browser and try again.
    • Try accessing the resource using a different browser.
    • Clear the cache/erase your browser history and try again.
  • If you have problems connecting to databases from off-campus, consider installing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on your machine.  For more information on VPN, check the UITS Knowledge Base. Duo (two-step) authentication is required to use the VPN. Learn more about Duo (IU authentication required).
  • Learn about library tools that will help make off campus access to online library resources more seamless.

Can't get full text access to the resources you need?