Acta Ethnographica Hungarica (Budapest, Hungary)
[Publisher's website (accessible through IUCAT): 2000-present; 2004, 2006 full text; other years abstracts only]

Anthropology and Archeology of Eurasia (Armonk, NY)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2001-present]

Arctic Anthropology (Madison, WI)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 1993-present (12 month delay)]

Aspasia: international yearbook of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern European women's and gender history (New York, NY)
Belarus: magazine for you (Minsk, Belarus)

Baltic Journal of Economics (Riga, Latvia)
[Publisher's website: 2002-present]

Central Asian Survey (Oxford, England)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 1999-one year ago, IngentaConnect: 1999-one year ago]

Central European History (Boston, MA)
[Cambridge Journals Online: 1997-present]

Communist and Post Communist Studies (Oxford & New York)
[Science Direct Journals: 1993-present

Connections: The Quarterly Journal (Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany)
[Publisher's website: 2002-present]

Current Digest of the Post-Soviet Press (Minneapolis, MN)
[Universal Database (UDB): 2001-present]

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Far Eastern Affairs (Moskva, Russia)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2002-present, UDB-Social Sciences and Humanities: 2000-present]

Glossos (Durham, NC)
[Publisher's website, 2001-present]

Holocaust and Genocide Studies (Oxford, England)
[Periodicals Archive Online: 1986-1995, Publisher's website (accessible through IUCAT): 1986-present, ProjectMuse: 2003-present]

International Journal of Baltic Law (Jacksonville, Florida)
[Publisher's website (accessible through IUCAT): 2002-2007, CEEOL: 2002-2005]

Iran and the Caucasus (Yerevan, Armenia and Tehran, Iran)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2001-one year ago]

ITAR-TASS (Moskva, Russia)
[UDB-Central newspapers: 1997-present]

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Moscow News (Moskva, Russia)
[UDB-Central newspapers: 1998-present]

Moscow Times, The (Boston, MA)
[UDB-Central newspapers: 1997-present]

Nabokov Studies
[Project Muse Premium: 2004-present]
Nashe nasledie (Moskva, Russia)
National Security and the Future (Zagreb, Croatia)

Nationalities Papers (London, England)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 1999-presentIngentaConnect: 1999-present]

New Presence: The Prague Journal of Central European Affairs (Praha, Czech Republic)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2001-presentCEEOL: 2003-present]

New Times (Moskva, Russia)
[UDB-Central newspapers: 1997-present]

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Religion in Eastern Europe (Princeton, NJ)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2003-present]

Religion, State and Society (Abingdon, England)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 1999- present, IngentaConnect: 1999-one year ago]
Report on the Foreign Policy of the Czech Republic (Prague, Czech Republic)

Review of Central and East European Law (Boston, MA)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2002-present]

Revolutionary Russia (London, England)
[Informaworld: 2004-present]

Romani Studies (Cheverly, MD)
Romanian Journal of Population Studies (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)

Russia in Global Affairs (Moskva, Russia)
[Publisher's website (accessible through IUCAT): 2002-present, UDB-Social Sciences and Humanities: 2003-present] (as of 6/25/2009 publisher's website is not active)

Russian Analytica (Moskva, Russia)
[UDB-Social Sciences and Humanities: 2005-present]

Russian Education and Society (Boston, MA)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2001-present, Education Full Text: 1992-2006]
Russian History (Pittsburg, PA)
Russian Language Journal (Washington, DC)

Russian Life (Washington, DC)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 1996-present, Ethnic NewsWatch: 1995-present]

Russian Linguistics (Dordrecht, Netherlands and Boston, MA)
[Springer Contemporary: 1974-present)
Russian Literature (Oxford, U.K.)

Russian Politics and Law (Armonk, NY)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2001-present]

Russian Review (New York, NY)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 1990-present, JSTOR: 1941-2001, Blackwell Synergy: 1998-present]

Russian Social Science Review (Armonk, NY)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 1992-present, ABI/INFORM Global Suite: 1994-2001]

Russian Studies in History (Armonk, NY)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2001-present]

Russian Studies in Literature (Armonk, NY)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2001-present]

Russian Studies in Philosophy (Boston, MA)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2001-present]

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Sarmatian Review, The (Houston, TX)
[CEEOL: 1998-present]

Scando-Slavica (Copenhagen, Denmark)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2002-one year ago]

Science in Russia (Moskva, Russia)
[UDB-Social Sciences and Humanities: 2000-present]

Sign Systems Studies (Tartu, Estonia)
[Academic Search EBSCO: 2001-present]

Slavic and East European Journal (Tucson, AZ)
[JSTOR: 1957-2005]

Slavic Review (Seattle, WA)
[JSTOR: 1961-2007JSTOR (continues American Slavic and East European Review): 1945-1961]

Slavonic and East European Review (Menasha, WI)
[IngentaConnect: 2001-presentJSTOR: 1928-2004Periodicals Archive Online: 1922-1995]

Slavonica (Staffordshire, Scotland)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 1996-nine months ago, IngentaConnect: 2005-present]

Slovo (Moscow, Russia)
[UDB - Russian Central Newspapers: 1999-present ]

Slovo (London, England)
[ Academic Search (EBSCO): 2003-ten months ago]

Social Sciences (Moskva, Russia)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2002-presentUDB-Social Sciences and Humanities: 1998-present]

South-east Europe Review for Labour and Social Affairs (Düsseldorf, Germany)
[CEEOL: 1998-present]
Southeastern Europe (Leiden, the Netherlands)
Soviet and Post-Soviet Review (Leiden, the Netherlands)

Statutes and Decisions: the Laws of the USSR and its Successor States (Armonk, NY)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2000-present]

Studies in East European Thought (Dordrecht, Netherlands)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 1997-one year agoSpringerLink: 1994-present ]

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