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Welcome to the homepage of the Slavic and East European studies subject page of the Indiana University Libraries! As one of the most extensive research library collections of its kind of North America, the IU's Slavic and East European collection has a lot to offer you for research, teaching, and learning. It has a dedicated full-time librarian, who builds the collection, manages it, and provides reference services for IU students and faculty members, and users from outside IU as well. The collection broadly covers humanities and social sciences disciplines in all formats in the vernacular languages and English. It has been actively growing, and still is, in tandem with the growing needs for research materials of IU's Slavic and East European studies community. In the following you will find some basic facts about the collection and also an introductory presentation of major resources pertaining to Slavic and East European studies.

The Slavic and East European studies collection at Indiana University Bloomington

Origins: late 1950s
Size: over 700,000 volumes
Number of languages of the collection materials: over 15 vernacular languages and English
Annual growth: over 5,000 monograph titles
Collection development methods: purchase of new publications and new online resources, gift books, and international exchange with more than 30 national libraries
Current serial subscriptions: over 1,000 titles
Slavic and East European Reference Collection: about 5,000 volumes on the 5th floor of the Wells Library
Subject-related reference and research consultation: Librarian for Slavic and East European studies (Wookjin Cheun, wcheun@indiana.edu, 812-855-9413)
Collection office: E560, Wells Library east tower

An overview of Slavic and East European studies resources 

Newspaper databases
Universal database of Russian newspapers | Integrum profi | Izvestiia digital archive | Pravda | Balkan insight | Universal database of Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and the Baltics | Current Digest of the Russian Press | LexisNexis academic

Journal databases
Universal database of social sciences and humanities | Universal database of the Moscow University Press | Imperial Russia's illustrated press | Central and Eastern European online library (CEEOL) | Iskusstvo kino digital archive | Krokodil digital archive | Sovetskaia kul'tura digital archive | Vestnik Evropy digital archive | Voprosy istorii digital archive

Primary sources
The papers of the Red Army | The papers of the White Army | Voice of the people under Soviet rule | World of children in the USSR | Russian avant-garde, 1904-1940 | Records of the All-Union Communist Party, Smolensk District, 1917-1941 | Russian military intelligence on Asia: archives | Dissent in Poland | The Stalin digital archive
Core reference sources
Slavic studies: a guide to bibliographies, encyclopedias, and handbooks (2005) | The modern encyclopedia of Russian and Soviet history (1976- ) | The Russian revolution and civil war, 1917-1921: an annotated bibliography (2003) | Handbook of Russian literature (1985) | Columbia guide to the literatures of Eastern Europe since 1945 (2003) | "World bibliographical series" | "Historical dictionary of Europe" series

Digital libraries
Elektronnyi fond Rossiiskoi Natsional'noi Biblioteki | Elektronnaia biblioteka | Federacja bibliotek cyfrowych | Europeana | Digital public library of America

Key scholarly journals
Slavic review | Slavonic and East European review | The Russian review | Russian history | Canadian Slavonic papers | East European politics and societies | Voprosy istorii | Rossiiskaia istoriia | Kwartalnik historyczny | Český časopis historický

How to find Slavic and East European materias at IUB
IUCAT | WorldCat | Call number ranges DK and PG | Slavic Reference Collection | Browsing | Library of Congress transliteration system

National libraries
The Russian State Library | The National Library of Russia | The National Library of Poland | The National Library of the Czech Republic | Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine

Subject headings
Historical events | Time periods | Types of materials | Famous persons | Country names | Academic disciplines

Biographical sources
Russkii biograficheskkii slovar’ | Velikaia Rossiia: Rossiiskaia biograficheskaia entsiklopediia | The Soviet biographic archive | Biography in context |Dictionary of literary biography” series

Statistical sources
All-Russia census 2002 | Itogi vserossiiskoi perepisi naseleniia 2010 goda (2012-2013) | Federal'naia Sluzhba Gosudarstvennoi Statistiki | Główny Urząd Statystyczny | Český Statistický Úřad

Language dictionaries
Tolkovyi slovar' zhivogo russkogo iazyka (1880-1882) | Nowy słownik Fundacji Kościuszkowskiej (2003)

Archives and archival guides
Access to Russian archives | ArcheoBiblioBase | Arkhivy Rossii | Naczelna Dyrekcja Archiwów Państwowych | Narodni Arhiv | Putevoditel'

Publishing data
Knizhnyi rynok Rossii | Rynek książki w Polsce | Zpráva o českém knižním trhu


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