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    The South Asian Studies collection at Indiana University supports the Dhar India Studies Program within the School of Global and International Studies, as well as other relevant research and instruction within the School and in the College of Arts and Sciences. Resources are collectied in the humanities and social sciences, including: political science, religious studies, literature, economics, film, media, folklore, journalism, history, philosophy, theater, art, criminal justice, geography, and music as well as reference tools.  Historically, there is an emphasis on language and literature in Hindi and Sanskrit, and on the contemporary history of India.

    Sanskrit, Hindi, Urdu, and Bengali are regularly taught and supported through library acquisitions, with growing collections in Tamil.

    All formats are collected of both primary and secondary materials, including e-books, dvds, and videos. Use IUCAT to search for these materials.

    Listings on this page include our key South Asia-specific resources. You may click 'view all' to see others, or select one of the Concentrations tabs to find specific kinds of materials or subject matter. For other discipline-specific resources, please visit the appropriate page, as the resources listed on the disciplinary page may include material relevant to South Asia. For example, the ProQuest Political Science database (found either in the A-Z list of Resources, or on the Political Science library webpage) includes sources useful to research in South Asian Studies, even though it is not wholly devoted to that area.

    If you have questions or need help, please feel free to contact Karen S. Farrell.



    Research guide to Archives and Primary Sources for South Asian Studies

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