IU Libraries resources for diversity, equity and inclusion

We often say "at IU Libraries we have been collecting the greatest ideas for 200 years and are ready to inspire yours." But that is not our whole story.  To present a fuller picture, we begin by acknowledging that we may have overlooked, ignored or set aside underrepresented voices. Our profession strives for a legacy of neutrality, and for this reason, we collect and preserve many moments, philosophies, and documents none of us describe as "great."  It is also true that each of us holds our own biases as we build collections. We recognize that over the course of two centuries, it has been the hundreds of individuals working as IU Librarians and Archivists who have curated the millions of items we now hold.  

Today the individuals of IU Libraries have come together to offer an online guide to our most relevant resources and first person documentation of underrepresented experiences in America. Hundreds of databases, primary sources, journals and digital exhibits are available to the IU community and featured in this Diversity Library Guide, which will continue to expand as more resources are suggested and discovered.


  • Sara Stefani (co-chair)
  • Ilana Stonebraker (co-chair)
  • Maureen Maryanski
  • Gwen Kirk
  • Laikin Morris
  • Haley Norris
  • Maddye Webb-Mitchell
  • Allison McClanahan
  • Amy Minix
  • Robert Noel
  • Thomas Whittaker
  • Jennifer Witzke
  • Michelle Crowe (ex-officio)
  • Jennifer Chaffin (ex-officio)
  • Erin Ellis (ex-officio)

Committee charge: The purpose of this committee is to provide leadership and guidance to the Libraries by promoting understanding in areas of diversity. The Committee shall serve as an advisory group to the Dean, Libraries Administration, and Libraries Human Resources by providing recommendations and planning on diversity programs and initiatives, staff and patron needs, and other concerns in the areas of diversity.
(dated 2019-2020)

IU Libraries offers a carefully researched Diversity Resident position. 

Review and print the PDF.

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