It is simply impossible to pinpoint one compact call number range in the LC classification system that would cover all publications pertinent to the subject of the workers' movement of Poland. The following four (history of Poland, labor, socialism and communism, and political institutions), with further breakdowns for each, represent the call number ranges where one might be able to find relevant publications on the history of the Polish labor movement.

DK4010-4800 History of Poland

          DK4120-4122 Ethnography

          DK4123-4452 History

                    DK4397-4420 1918-1945

                    DK4429-4442 1945-1989. People’s Republic

                    DK4445-4452 1989-

          DK4600-4800 Local history and description

                    DK4610-4645 Warsaw (Warszawa)

                    DK4650-4685 Gdansk (Danzig)

                    DK4700-4735 Krakow (Cracow)

HD4801-8943 Labor. Work. Working class

          HD4861-4895 Labor systems

          HD4909-5100.9 Wages

          HD5106-5267 Hours of labor Including overtime, shift work, sick leave, vacations

          HD5306-5474 Labor disputes. Strikes and lockouts

          HD5481-5630.7 Industrial arbitration. Mediation and conciliation
          HD5650-5660 Employee participation in management. Employee ownership. Industrial democracy. Works

          HD5701-6000.9 Labor market. Labor supply. Labor demand Including unemployment, manpower policy,

                    occupational training, employment agencies
          HD6050-6305 Classes of labor Including women, children, students,middle-aged and older persons,


          HD6350-6940.7 Trade unions. Labor unions. Workers' associations
          HD6941-6948 Employers' associations
          HD6951-6957 Industrial sociology. Social conditions of labor
          HD6958.5-6976 Industrial relations 
          HD6977-7080 Cost and standard of living
          HD7088-7252 Social insurance. Social security. Pension
          HD7255-7256 Vocational rehabilitation. Employment of people with disabilities
          HD7260-7780.8 Industrial hygiene. Industrial welfare 
          HD7795-8027 Labor policy. Labor and the state
          HD8031 Labor in politics. Political activity of the working class
          HD8038 Professions (General). Professional employees
          HD8039 By industry or trade
          HD8045-8943 By region or country
          HD9000-9999 Special industries and trades
          HD9000-9495 Agricultural industries
          HD9502-9502.5 Energy industries. Energy policy. Fuel trade
          HD9506-9624 Mineral industries. Metal trade 
          HD9650-9663 Chemical industries
          HD9665-9675 Pharmaceutical industry
          HD9680-9714 Mechanical industries Including electric utilities, electronic industries, and machinery
          HD9715-9717.5 Construction industry
          HD9720-9975 Manufacturing industries
          HD9999 Miscellaneous industries and trades

HX1-970.7 Socialism. Communism. Anarchism
          HX519-550 Communism/socialism in relation to special topics
          HX626-696 Communism: Utopian socialism, collective settlements
          HX806-811 Utopias. The ideal state
          HX821-970.9 Anarchism

JN1-9689 Political institutions and public administration (Europe)

          JN6750-6769 Poland

Created in November 2011