Evraziiskii monitor (2004- ): Multinational (mainly of Russia and the former Soviet republics) project monitoring the public opinion of the former Soviet Union. It points to the European Commission's Eurobarometer surveys as its inspiration.

Fond Obshchestvennoe Mnenie (FOM) (1992- ): Highly appraised research company of contemporary Russia engaged in a broad spectrum of research areas and topics such as: security and law, society, labor and household, future, politics, mass media and Internet, world, past, and economy). Its research highlights are published in the week bulletin Dominanty (2001- ), all available online on its website.

Gruppa "7/89" (2001- ): All-Russian project focusing on capturing the public opinions of Russian provinces (hence the number "7" (7 federal okrugs and 89 federal subjects that constituted the Russian Federation as of the project's launch).

Levada-Tsentr: Analiticheskii Tsentr Iuriia-Levady (2003- ): One of the four (along with FOM, TSIRKON, and VTSIOM) foremost public opinion polling centers of contemporary Russia. It publishes a quarterly, Vestnik obshchestvennogo mnenii (1993- ), and an annual, Obshchestvennoe mnenie (2008- ), both accessible in part on the center's website.

TSentr Intellektual’nykh Resursov i Kooperatsii v Oblasti Obshchestvennykh Nauk (TSIRKON) (1989- ): A prominent research company that conducts market and sociological research and provides consulting. Its website, in the section "Publikatsii," provides full-text access to a good number of its research results.

Vserossiiskii Tsentr Izucheniia Obshchestvennogo Mneniia (VTSIOM) (1987- ): The first all-union level public opinion polling institutes and also associated with such familiar sociologists as T. I. Zaslavskaia, IU. A. Levada, B. A. Grushin, it still remains one of the foremost public opinion pollings centers of contemporary Russia. It publishes a bimonthly Monitoring obshchestvennogo mneniia.