Akram Habibulla

  • Librarian for Middle Eastern, Islamic, and Central Eurasian Studies
  • Associate Librarian
Herman B Wells Library E960
Phone (812) 855-9885
Akram Habibulla

As the Librarian for Middle Eastern, Islamic and Central Eurasian Studies, Akram Khabibullaev works with students and faculty in those departments as the collection manager and library liaison. He supports the research and curriculum needs of the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (NELC), Department of Central Eurasian Studies, and related academic units in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

His research interests focus on Arabic and Islamic studies, and on library and information science. Akram holds a University Diploma from Tashkent State University in Uzbekistan, and a Ph. D. from the Uzbek Academy of Sciences. He earned his MLIS degree from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.