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Acta poloniae historica (Wroclaw, Poland)
DK4010 .A18

American bibliography of Slavic & East European studies
(1957- . It is online only since 1994, accessible through the library website. 
Go to the library website, then “Find Information” : “Databases A-Z” : “ABSEES”)
Z2483 .A52 [Slav Ref]

Andrej Belyj Society newsletter (Riverside, CA)
PG3453.B84 Z18

Annals of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences in the United States (NY, NY)
Q11 .U48

Anthropology of East Europe review (Ithaca, NY)
DJK26 .A58

Arctic anthropology (Madison, WI)
GN673 .A67

Armenian review (Boston, MA)
AP2 .A7277

Australian Slavonic and East European studies (Victoria, Australia)
PG1 .M43

Balcanica (Beograd, Serbia)
DR1 .B17

Balkan studies : biannual publication of the Institute for Balkan Studies (Thessaloniki, Greece)
DR1 .B184

Belarusian review (Torrance, CA)
DK507.A2 B9

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Canadian-American Slavic studies (Pittsburgh, PA)
DK1 .C22

Canadian Slavonic papers (Ottawa, Canada)
PG6 .C21

Central European history (Atlanta, GA)
DD1 .C39

Charioteer (NY, NY)
PA5273 .C45

Croatian international relations review (Zagreb, Croatia)
JZ6.5 .C76

Current digest of the post-Soviet press (Columbus, OH)
D839 .C97

Demokratizatsiya : the journal of post-soviet democratization (Washington, DC)
JN6501 .D45

Dialogue and universalism  (Warszawa, Poland)
B1 .D54

Directory of members of the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies (Urbana, IL)
DK1 .A38

Donald W. Treadgold papers in Russian East European, and Central Asian studies (Seattle, WA)
[search by individual title]

Dostoevsky studies : journal of the International Dostoevsky Society (Klagenfurt, Austria)
PG3328 .A192 [also available online through publisher's website]

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East Central Europe (Tempe, AZ)
DR2 .E12

East European Jewish affairs (London, England)
DS135.R92 S72

East European languages and literatures (Santa Barbara, CA)
Z7043 .T47

East European quarterly (Boulder, CO)
DR1 .E12

East West education (Bowling Green, OH)
LA620 .S62

Eastern Europe and the commonwealth of independent states (London, England)
HC244.A1 E29

Economics of planning (Oslo, Norway)
HC244 .O28

Economics of transition, The (Oxford, England)
HC244.A1 E38

Essays in poetics (Keele, England)
PN1042 .E8

Ethnologia polona (Poznan, Poland)
GN1 .E754

Eurasian studies yearbook (Bloomington, IN)
DB901 .U72

Eurobalkans (Aegina, Greece)
DR1 .E78

European bibliography of Slavic and East European STUDIES (Paris, France)
Z2483 .E87

Experiment (Los Angeles, CA)
NX556.A1 E96

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Far Eastern affairs (Moskva, Russia)
HC411 .F17  [also available online on UDB]

From the other shore (Idyllwild, CA)
PG3515 .F76

Geographia polonica (Warszawa, Poland)
G1 .G247

Georgia Caucasus profile (Tbilisi, Georgia)
DK678 .G46

Glas : new Russian writing (Moskva, Russia)
PG3199 .G53713

Harvard Ukrainian studies (Cambridge, MA)
DK508.A2 H32

Index on censorship (London, England)
K9 .N3

International affairs (Moskva, Russia)
D839 .I61

International journal of Slavic linguistics and poetics (The Hague, The Netherlands)
PG1 .I6

The international newsletter of historical studies on Comintern, communism, and Stalinism (Berlin, Germany)
HX11.I5 I583

Irish Slavonic studies (Belfast, Ireland)
DJK1 .I7

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Japanese Slavic and East European studies (Kyoto, Japan)
DJK1 .J35

Jews in Russia and Eastern Europe (Jerusalem, Israel)
[New. Current Periodicals Collection]

Journal of Baltic studies (Brooklyn, NY)
DK511.B25 J86

Journal of cold war studies (Cambridge, MA)
D839 .J68

Journal of Croatian studies (NY, NY)
DB361 .J86

Journal of modern Greek studies (Baltimore, MD)
DF741 .J687

Journal of Slavic linguistics (Bloomington, IN)
PG1 .J68

Journal of Slavic military studies (London, England)
UA770 .J68

Journal of Southern Europe and the Balkans (Basingstoke, England)
D974 .J68

Journal of the American Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences (Davis, CA)
DR201 .J68

Journal of the Hellenic Diaspora (NY)
HN1 .H477

Journal of the society for Armenian studies (Los Angeles, CA)
DS161 .J68

Journal of Ukrainian studies (Toronto, Canada)
DK508.A2 J86

Kosmas : Czechoslovak and Central European journal (Omaha, NE)
D1 .K67

Kritika : explorations in Russian and Eurasian history (Bloomington, IN)
DK1 .K75

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Linguistica pragensia (Praha, Czech Republic)
P1 .P4262

Lituanus (Champaign, IL)
DK511.L2 A5

Macedonian review (Skopje, Macedonia)
DR381.M34 M33

Military thought (Moskva, Russia)
U4 .V823

Moscow news (Moskva. Russia)
AN207 (microfilm)

Most (Praha, Czech Republic)

Nabokovian (Lawrence, KS)
PG3476.N3 Z96

National security and the future (Zagreb, Croatia)
UA10.5 .N385

Nationalities papers (Charleston, IL)
DR24 .N277

New Europe (Athens, Greece)
[New. Current Periodicals Collection]

New international journal of romanian studies (Bucuresti, Romania)
PC601 .I57

New presence (Praha, Czech Republic)
DB2238.7 .N6813

New times (Moskva, Russia)
D410 .N942

New Zealand Slavonic journal (Wellington, New Zealand)
DK1 .N488

Newsletter (Association of College and Research Libraries. Slavic and East European Section) (Chicago, IL)
Z688.E87 N48

Newsletter / study group on eighteenth-century Russia (Norwich, England)
DK127 .S77

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Palaeoslavica (Cambridge, MA)
PG1 .P34

Perspectives : review of Central European affairs (Praha, Czech Republic)
DAW1051 .P47

Polish political science (Wroclaw, Poland)
HM7 .P76

Polish population review (Warszawa, Poland)
HB3608.7.A3 P62

Polish quarterly of international affairs (Warszawa, Poland)
D860 .S68

The Polish review (NY)
DK4010 .P72

Polish sociological review (Warszawa, Poland)
HM1 .P76  [also available online on CEEOL]

Post-Soviet affairs (Silver Spring, MD)
HC335 .S588

Prague economic papers (Praha, Czech Republic)
HC267.B2 C42

Prague post (Praha, Czech Republich)
AN4.P89 P73 [microfilm]

Problems of post-communism (Armonk, NY)
HX1 .P75

The Pushkin journal : the journal of the North American Pushkin Society (Salt Lake City, UT)
PG3350.A1 P79 [continued by Pushkin review]

Pushkin review (Bloomington, IN)
PG3350.A1 P7915

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RCDA (Religion in communist dominated areas) (NY, NY)
HX536 .R38

Religion in Eastern Europe (Princeton, NJ)
BR738.6 .O25

Religion state & society : the Keston journal (Abingdon, England)
BR738.6 .R382

Report on the Foreign Policy of the Czech Republic (Prague, Czech Republic)

DB2245 .Z67 (also available full-text through Freely Accessible Social Science Journals both in English and Czech)

Review of the Russian economy (Norwich, England)
HC340.12.A1 R67

Revue roumaine des sciences économiques (Bucuresti, Romania)
H1 .A181

Romanian civilization (Bucuresti, Romania)
DR212 .R64

Romantic Russia (Los Angeles, CA)
DK189.2 .R66

Russia and Eurasia military review annual (Gulf Breeze, FL)
UA770 .S657

Russia and the commonwealth of independent states (Harpers Ferry, WV)
DK1 .S594

Russia Eurasia documents annual (Gulf Breeze, FL)
DK274.A2 U88

Russian history (Pittsburgh, PA)
DK1 .R785

Russian language journal (East Lansing, MI)
PG2003 .R916 (also available online)

Russian life (Washington, DC)
DK266.A2 U152

Russian linguistics (Dordrecht, The Netherlands)
PG2001 .R85

The Russian review (Malden, MA)
DK1 .R8

Russian social science review : a journal of translations (Armonk, NY)
DK266.A2 S69

Russian studies in history (Armonk, NY)
D1 .S72

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Sarmatian review, The (Houston, TX)
E184.P7 S38

Science in russia (Moskva, Russia)
Q127.S696 S33

Serbian studies (Chicago, IL)
DR381.S4 S4

Sibirica : the journal of Siberian studies (Keele, England)
DK751 .S532

Silver age : Russian literature and culture 1881-1921 (Los Angeles, CA)
PG3012 .S558

Slavic and East European information resources (Binghamton, NY)
Z292.7 .S58

Slavic and East European journal (Tucson, AZ)
PG1 .A5

Slavic and East European performance : drama, theatre, film (NY, NY)
PN2007 .S68

Slavic review (Champaign, IL)
D377.A1 S61

Slavica bergensia (Bergen, Norway)
[search by individual title]

Slavonic and East European Review (Menasha, WI)
D377.A1 S6

Slavonica (Staffordshire, England)
PG1 .S3672

Slovak Republic in figures (Bratislava, Slovak Republic)
HA1191 .S6

Slovene studies : journal of the Society for Slovene Studies (NY, NY)
DR381.S642 S6

Slovenski jezik = Slovene linguistic studies (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
PG1801 .S454

Slovo (London, England)
DK1 .S56

Sobornost (London, England)
BX1 .S62

Social sciences (Moskva, Russia)
H1 .S582

Solanus (London, England)
DR1 .S685

South Slav journal, The (London, England)
DR301 .S58

Southeastern Europe (Tempe, AZ)
DR2 .S727

Soviet and post-Soviet review, The (Salt Lake City, Utah)
DK266.A2 S753

St Vladimirs theological quarterly (NY, NY)
BX460 .S15

Studia historiae oeconomicae (Poznan, Poland)
HB9 .S92

Studia historica slovaca (Bratislava, Slovak Republic)
DB661 .S92

Studia politica : Romanian political science review (Bucuresti, Romania)
JA26 .S76

Studia slavica (Budapest, Hungary)
PG1 .S9

Studia slavica savariensia (Szombathely, Hungary)
PG1 .S79

Studies in East European thought  (Dordrecht, The Netherlands)
B809.8 .S93

Studies in Slavic cultures (Pittsburgh, PA)
AZ709.5 .S78

Survey Serbia Montenegro (Beograd, Serbia)

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Tolstoy studies journal (Rochester, NY)
PG3370 .T65

Transylvanian review (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
DR279 .R482

The Ukrainian quarterly (NY, NY)
DK508 .U32

The Ukrainian weekly (Jersey City, NJ)
E184.U5 U45

Ulbandus review (NY, NY)
PG1 .U4

Warsaw voice (Warszawa, Poland)
DK4610 .W24 (microfilm)

Women east-west (Altadena, CA)
HQ1590.7 .A48

Yearbook of Polish foreign policy (Warszawa, Poland)
DK4450 .R632

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