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The following 58 PhD dissertations were harvested from the Proquest database "Dissertations and Theses." Search in the "Subject" field did not serve the purpose of this bibliography too well because the subject terms provided in the database were too broad. Instead, the "Citation and Abstracts" field was searched with such terms as "everyday life," "women," "housing" in combination with the keyword term "Russia." The titles are divided into four chronological sections.


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          Pre-Soviet Russia
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          Soviet Russia
Alexopoulos, Golfo. "Rights and passage: Marking outcasts and making citizens in Soviet Russia, 1926-1936." The University of Chicago, 1996.
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          Post-Soviet Russia

Bell, James E. "A place for community? Urban social movements and the struggle over the space of the public in Moscow." University of Washington, 1997.
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          Mixed chronology

Brancato, Ekaterina. "The weakness of strong ties: The economic impact of social networks in Russia." George Mason University, 2006.
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Wolfe, Thomas Cox. "Imagining journalism: Politics, government and the person in the press in the Soviet Union and Russia, 1953-1993." University of Michigan, 1997.


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