The following is a selective list of titles and collections available at IUB that are deemed to have significant value as primary sources for original research or reference tools for facilitating access to important information in the field of Slavic and East European studies. The list is continuously updated as the IUB library acquires new titles and collections relevant to Slavic and East European area studies.    


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Archival documents

Smolensk archive image
World of Children

Dissent in Poland publications and manuscript

Records of the All-Union communist party, Smolensk district, 1917-41

The papers of the Red Army, 1918-1923

The papers of the White Army, 1918-1921

World of children in the USSR

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Published documents

krasnyi arkhiv cover
Zakonov cover page

Polnoe sobranie zakonov Rossiiskoi Imperii

Polskie dokumenty dyplomatyczne



Government documents

US State Department Records cover
British Intelligence cover page
British Documents on Foreign Affairs cover page

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1989 Russian Census Cover page
1979 Russian Census cover page
Russian Census Hard Copies

Birzhevyia viedomosti


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Gubernskie, oblastnye, eparkhial'nye vedomosti

Iakutskie Cover page
Pskovskie cover page
Priamurskie Front page

Akmolinskiia oblastnyia viedomosti


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Polish Independent Publications
Zapiski Books in row
Russian Military Intelligence on Asia image

Zapiski imperatorskago russkago geograficheskago obshchestva po otdieleniiu etnografii

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Encyclopedias & dictionaries

encyclopedia stack
encyclopedia stack 2
book images

Bol'shaia entsiklopediia : Revoliutsiia i grazhdanskaia voina v rossii, 1917-1923 : Entsiklopediia v chetyrekh tomakh


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Indices & bibliographies

Gazety SSSR Cover page
Letopis Bibliography Cover
Istoriia Bibliography

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Updated June 2019