Making the history of 1989
Comprehensive resource featuring informative narratives, primary sources, interview footages, and teaching materials.  In English
Detailed chronicle of the events—especially in the streets—of Prague in November and December 1989.  In Czech
Museum of Communism in Prague
General information about the museum.  In Czech and English
Cold War International History Project
Features a wealth of primary documents and secondary sources related to the Cold War.  In Czech and English
Oral History Center
Inventory of oral history projects related to the communist era of Czechoslovakia.  In English
Vaclav Havel
Consists of Vaclav Havel’s writings and speeches.  In Czech and English
Engaging narratives, original archival documents, photos, chronologies.
In Polish and English
Autumn of change 1989
CNN’s special report on 1989.  In English         
20 years of democracy in films
Documentary films from a series of film festivals commemorating the 20th anniversary of the revolutions of 1989.  In multiple languages including English
Stránky vÄ›nované událostem roku 1989
Chronologies, photos, videos, and a large number of original documents originating from 1989.  In Czech
Friedliche Revolution 1989/1990,Index_en
Collection of materials in various formats related to the revolution of East Germany.  In German and English
Moments in time 1989/1990
People’s multimedia archive of the Friedliche Revolution (peaceful revolution) of East Germany.  In German and English          
Inicjatywa Razem 89
Resource site in relation to the 20th anniversay of the 1989 Polish revolution.  In Polish and English
Information on the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the revolution, and articles reassessing the significance of the revolution.  In multiple languages
Polish Television special on Poland’s 1989.  In Polish
20 let wolnosci,97104.html
A public competition, sponsored by Gazeta, for writing about private experience of the 20 years since 1989.  In Polish
A collection of articles and multimedia materials related to N. Ceausescu and his rule.  In English
Cold War History Research Center Budapest
Scholarly articles, primary sources, and scholarly databases pertaining to the Soviet-bloc countries.  In English
The Institute for the history of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution
Original scholarly articles, monographs, interviews, photos, chronologies, documentaries covering,   but not limited to, the 1956 revolution.  Mostly in English
Encyklopedia Solidarności
Web version of the significant encyclopedia Encyklopedia Solidarności (Warszawa and Katowice, 2010- ). Aslo includes several additional materials, most significant of which is the extensive digital library of Polish samizdat, mostly NSZZ (Niezależny SamorzÄ…dowy ZwiÄ…zek Zawodowy), newspapers.  In Polish
Instytut Lecha Walesy
Website of the Insitute of Lech Walesa
Instytut Pamieci Narodowej
This site has, among others, the database of the repressed people under the Communist regime and online access to the institute periodicals such as Biuletyn Instytutu Pamięci Narodowej and Pamięć Sprawiedliwość
Osrodek “Karta”
Information about the foundation “Karta”