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Ruth Lilly Dean of University Libraries
Associate Dean for Planning and Administration
(812) 855-5679
Head, Digital Collections Services
Associate Librarian
(812) 855-1261
IT Project Manager
(812) 855-9812
Electronic Music Resources Librarian
Associate Librarian
(812) 855-5740
Senior Special Collections Cataloging Librarian
Associate Librarian
(812) 855-3157
Scholars' Commons Librarian
Assistant Librarian
(812) 856-3644
Rare Materials Cataloger
(812) 855-8573
Manuscripts Archivist
(812) 855-3182
Associate Director and Curator of Modern Books and Manuscripts
(812) 855-2994
Co-Director, Technical Services
Head of Acquisitions
Associate Librarian
(812) 856-3184
Director, IU Press and Digital Publishing
(812) 855-4773
Assistant Dean for Library Technologies
(812) 855-0953
Document Delivery Assistant
(812) 855-7341