The Acquisitions Department of the Technical Services division is responsible for the procurement of library materials for Indiana University Libraries and regional campus libraries.  The work of the department includes the acquisition, receipt, and management of physical materials including print, DVD, microfilm, microfiche, and other external media, as well as the acquisition, licensing, and access management of electronic resources including databases, electronic journals, electronic books, data sets, and other electronic media.  Acquisitions collaborates with a variety of domestic and international vendors in the management of the Libraries’ procurement activities, ensuring fiscal responsibility according to federal and institutional accounting rules and standards.  The Acquisitions Department is organized into the following areas.

  • Acquisitions Accounting: Emily Schramm, Head
  • Electronic Resources Acquisitions (ERA): Ruth Light, Interim Head
  • Monographic Acquisitions: Lisa Lent, Head
  • Serials Acquisitions: Rachel Wheeler, Head

Staff Directory

Serials Procurement and Access Specialist
(812) 855-7557
Acquisitions/Approval Plan Specialist
(812) 855-8875
Serials Binding and Maintenance Coordinator
(812) 855-7711
E-Resources Acquisitions Procurement & Access Specialist
(812) 855-3766
Acquisition/Approval Plan Coordinator
(812) 856-4079
Director, Technical Services
Head of Acquisitions
Associate Librarian
(812) 856-3184
Slavic Acquisitions Specialist
(812) 855-2723
Monographs Acquisitions Coordinator
(812) 855-5097
Accounting Representative
(812) 855-1668
Electronic Resources Procurement Manager
(812) 855-4195
Head, Monographs Acquisitions
(812) 855-5636
Approval Plan Supervisor
(812) 855-7105
Electronic Resources Access Manager
Interim Head, Electronic Resources Acquisitions
(812) 856-8756
Serials Binding and Maintenance Coordinator
(812) 856-7867
Serials Receiving Coordinator
(812) 855-6707
Acquisitions Coordinator
(812) 855-1667
Head, Acquisitions Accounting
(812) 855-1669
Serials Procurement and Access Specialist
Accounting Representative
(812) 855-1677
Head, Serials Acquisitions
(812) 855-7576