Library Technologies

/Library Technologies

The Library Technologies division is responsible for the development and support of information technology systems and services for the Indiana University Libraries.

  • Digital Collections Services - Michelle Dalmau, Head
    • Digital Collections Services fosters and supports the development of digital projects for Indiana University (IU) librarians, faculty, students, and staff, and collaborates with internal and external units and organizations on digital scholarship initiatives.
  • Digital Preservation - Michael Shallcross, Digital Preservation Librarian
    • Located within the Digital Collections Services department, provides support for preservation and curation activities involving digital content.
  • Digital Media Software Development - Maria Whitaker, Head
    • Library Technologies Core Services - Vern Wilkins, Head
      • Provides technology support and administration for computer workstations, servers, and applications to support patron and staff productivity and access to library electronic resources
    • Software Development - Will Cowan, Head

    Additionally, the Library Technologies division works closely with the Enterprise Library Systems team in University Information Technology Services to provide support for the Indiana University Libraries' online catalog system IUCAT, the SirsiDynix Symphony integrated library system, and development and implementation of the Blacklight open source catalog discovery layer. 

    Staff Directory

    Lead Systems Analyst/Programmer
    (812) 856-1789
    Software Engineer, Digital Media Software Development
    Lead Systems Analyst/Programmer
    (812) 856-0026
    Head, Library Applications
    (812) 855-4310
    Head, Digital Collections Services
    Associate Librarian
    (812) 855-1261
    IT Project Manager
    (812) 855-9812
    DevOps Engineer, Avalon Media System
    (812) 855-8758
    Assistant Dean for Library Technologies
    (812) 855-0953
    Senior Software Engineer
    (812) 856-5057
    Office Services Assistant Sr.
    (812) 855-7503
    Lead Programmer/Analyst, Digital Library Application Development
    (812) 856-5174
    Computer Coordinator
    (812) 855-6247
    Head, Repository Technology Development
    (812) 855-9290
    Metadata Analyst
    Assistant Librarian
    (812) 855-3710
    (812) 856-4668
    Digital Initiatives Librarian
    Assistant Librarian
    (812) 855-2449
    Programmer/Analyst, Digital Media Software Development
    (812) 856-5358
    Lead Systems Analyst/Programmer
    (812) 856-5759
    Systems Administrator
    (812) 855-5925
    Senior Systems Engineer
    (812) 855-8602
    Senior Applications Specialist
    (812) 856-4923
    Programmer/Analyst, Assessment
    Software Development
    (812) 855-6623
    Programmer/Analyst, Digital Library Applications
    (812) 855-7658
    Programmer/Analyst, Digital Library Applications
    (812) 856-1455
    Digital Preservation Librarian
    Associate Librarian
    (812) 856-5295
    Library DevOps Engineer
    (812) 855-3291
    Network & Software Analyst
    (812) 855-6253
    Senior Systems Engineer
    (812) 855-6792
    Head, Digital Media Software Development
    (812) 856-0494
    Manager of User Support and Helpdesk Operations
    (812) 856-4669
    Head, Library Technologies Core Services
    (812) 856-4997
    Programmer/Analyst, Digital Media Software Development