Digital preservation encompasses all activities involved in managing digital materials and stewarding them into the future. This involves preservation strategies such as migration, file normalization, and emulation, as well as activities surrounding disaster planning, preservation metadata capture, etc. Materials to be preserved include those that are created through digitization projects and those created and maintained digitally (born-digital).

Digital preservation services currently provided by the Indiana University-Bloomington Libraries include file and media migration, file format recommendations, and overall project guidance. If you have any general questions regarding digital preservation or you would like guidance in managing a personal, institutional, or consortial collection, please contact Danielle Spalenka

Online Resources

Digital Preservation Media

Collaborative Projects

  • Academic Preservation Trust : A shared digital preservation repository developed out of the University of Virginia.
  • Digital POWRR Project : Since its inception in 2012, the Preserving digital Objects With Restricted Resources (Digital POWRR) Project has endeavored to make digital preservation more accessible to a wider range of cultural heritage professionals.
  • Maintenance Culture: NEH-funded project to address challenges related to preserving complex, born-digital, creative works in small institutions.
  • Community Owned digital Preservation Tool Registry (COPTR) : COPTR is a wiki based registry of digital preservation tools. It's main aim is to help practitioners discover preservation tools that will help them tackle particular preservation challenges. 

National and International Organizations