Audio-Video Preservation Services

/Audio-Video Preservation Services

What We Do

  • Perform preservation-quality digitization of analog and physical digital audio and video formats from IU collections
  • Prepare recordings for digitization by inspecting, diagnosing, cleaning, repairing, and/or baking items as necessary
  • Digitize recordings that the IU Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative (MDPI) was not able to complete before its planned end date
  • Digitize recordings newly acquired by IU Libraries, archives, and other media-holding units
  • Maintain obsolete legacy audio and video playback machines to the highest standard to enable the most accurate playback possible for digitization
  • Use AVPS expertise to advise IU units on a wide range of media preservation issues including quality control of digital files, identification and technical planning for rare and complicated formats, choosing external vendors, and developing grant proposals
  • Maintain the IU specification for the digitization of audio and video holdings for preservation. Long-term preservation is best served when all IU media-holding units use the same specification.