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The Learning Commons (LC) is a 24/7 technology-focused learning center located on the first floor of the West Tower of Wells Library. A partnership with the IU Libraries and University Information Technology Services, the LC offers wireless access and multiple services including Writing Tutorial Services, Research Help, IU Peer Coaching, and Tech Support, IT Training, and Printing & Computer Help. Additionally, visit the LC Library Services Desk for quick help, reserve holdings, and circulation check out and returns. Collaboration rooms are available on a first-come/first-served basis, with groups having priority.

4th Floor, West Tower Group Study Rooms are reservable during the fall and spring semesters.

Learning Commons Group Study Rooms

The Learning Commons (LC) staff are proud to offer students group study rooms, as well as group study areas, throughout the first floor West Tower space. Please consider:

  • Groups are given priority and are given the right to ask a single person using a room to leave. If you are uncomfortable asking a student to leave please ask a staff member in the Service Hub - also known as the hallway that connects the two parts of the LC.
  • Group Study rooms throughout the Learning Commons are available on a first come, first served basis. The LC staff have tried a variety of room structure combinations and have found that the rooms are used more widely and most efficiently through this method.
  • Group Study rooms are equipped with monitors you can attach your personal devices to, white boards, and webcams!

Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Between midnight - 8am, access to the West Tower requires a current Crimson Card or chip-enabled CampusAccess card.

(hours may be limited during holidays & semester breaks, see exceptions)


The Learning Commons (LC) supports and enhances student learning and research by providing state of the art technology and resources in a collaborative academic environment.

Located on the first floor of the West Tower of the Wells Library, the LC is a 24/7 technology-infused learning center where students work on class assignments from start to finish. A partnership of the IU Libraries and University Information Technology Services, the LC offers pervasive wireless access, a tutorial center, research consultations, peer coaches, and technological support. Collaboration rooms are available on a first-come/first-serve basis and groups have priority.

The upper floors of the West Tower accomodate different needs: find space to study quietly, meet with groups, or practice presentations.


Learning Commons Policies

Respect for others and appropriate personal conduct are requirements for making the dynamic and academic environment of the LC possible.  

  • Any person who is disrupting or whose behavior threatens to disrupt the work of others in the LC will be asked to cease the disruptive activity or may be asked to leave.  
  • Unattended computers will be restarted after 15 minutes when patrons are waiting to use the LC equipment.
  • Sleeping, offensive bodily hygiene, or behavior that results in complaints or threatens to damage library property, disruptive behavior, food/beverage distribution, soliciting, roughhousing, pets, rollerblades/skates, bicycles, etc. are not permitted in the LC.
  • Individuals using a collaboration room will be asked to move if the room is needed for a group.  In addition:
    • Rooms may not be reserved in advance
    • Priority will be given to groups
    • An individual may not “hold” a room for a group
    • One room per group
    • Rooms may not be used for course instruction or to hold office hours
  • Speak in normal conversational tones.
  • From midnight to 8am access to the LC requires proximity card access and is restricted to official IU affiliation. Anyone who cannot, upon request, present a valid IU photo ID or proof of official affiliation with IU will be asked to leave.
  • Signs, displays, exhibits, posters, or other types of print or electronic communications are limited to those posted by LC service providers.
  • Group meals and large-scale food distribution are prohibited.

See the Libraries' quiet policy and the policy on behavior and conduct for more information.