Class Reserves

Due to the hybrid online/in-person instruction that will take place Fall Semester 2020, we highly recommend instructors consider online alternatives or equivalents to traditional class reserves. 


"Reserves" refers to any print and media materials that instructors request to be set aside for student use throughout the duration of a course.

Print and media reserve items are searchable using IUCAT Class Reserves. Search using Instructor Name, Course Number, or Course Name. Please review our Class Reserves Circulation Policies.

Instructors: Request a Print or Media Item Be Placed on Reserve

Reserve Locations

Alternatives and Equivalents

Instructors are encouraged to consider online alternatives or equivalents to physical class reserves. Finding an equivalent means identifying online or streaming versions of current course materials like textbooks or DVDs. Unfortunately, not all course materials have an online equivalent. Alternatives include open textbooks or ebooks and streaming media already licensed by IU Libraries. 

  • Consider textbooks available through IU Libraries' digitized collections in HathiTrust.
  • Consider open textbooks and resources (freely available, openly licensed materials) for use in your course instead. Use the search tools available on our guides IU Libraries' guide on Open Educational Resources to find existing open textbooks. You can also create and publish your own open resources for your course.
  • Consider non-academic practitioner ebooks intended for professional readers. Note that some licensing restrictions limit simultaneous access to e-books.
  • Use Request Article Delivery to make a Print Reserves Request for an article or book you can currently only find in print. Digitization of entire volumes may be possible but will be limited to public domain works or out-of-print books that are not available commercially and cannot be acquired by the IU Libraries in digital form. Please know that due to increased demand, it may take up to two weeks to fulfill requests; requests for instructional needs will receive priority.

Online alternatives to physical class reserves increase the ease of use for students and they are often cheaper. Do you want assistance exploring online alternatives or equivalents to class resources? We have experts who can help: