Film director XIE Fei's visit to the East Asian Collection

Posted by Wen-ling Liu, Librarian for East Asian and Tibetan Studies

XIE Fei 谢飞, one of the well-known fourth generation film directors from China, and his interpreter WANG Yao 王垚, currently a Ph.D. in film studies, at Beijing Film Academy, came to visit IU’s Bloomington campus between September 19th and 22nd as part of the event, Xie Fei: A Half Century as Filmmaker, Mentor and Educator.  Xie Fei delivered a lecture on September 22nd, and attended screenings for two of his films, Black Snow 本命年 and A Mongolian Tale 黒骏马 on September 20th and 22nd .

Fourth generation film directors place emphasis on the representation of social issues, idealistic views of human nature, and utilize special filming methods for storytelling and cinematographic expression.

On top of their busy schedules, XIE Fei and WANG Yao also visited IU’s Wells Library and its East Asian Collection.