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Access to all issues of the newspaper Za vozvrashchenie na Rodinu (Return to Motherland) from its very first issue in April of 1955 to 1960.
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The newspaper Za vozvrashchenie na Rodinu (Return to Motherland) was established in April 1955 in East Berlin as a biweekly publication. The newspaper was published by the Soviet Repatriation Committee, which was also established in 1955 and stayed active until 1958. The newspaper was principally aimed at Russian emigrants and was an important anti-western propaganda outlet for the USSR. The main objective of the newspaper was the creation of a favorable image of the Soviet Union and the criticism of émigré organizations in the post-war period and during the Cold War. The newspaper was published under the watchful eye of the KGB, and only the most loyal Soviet officials were allowed to work on this project. Starting with 1960: issue 04, the newspaper's name was changed to Golos Rodiny (The Voice of the Motherland).

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