Sincerely Yours Archives Exhibition

Wells Library E460
November 14th 2016 to March 10th 2017
8:00am to 5:00pm
Sincerely Yours Stationery Exhibit poster

Dearest readers,

As an archivist, it is not surprising that it is the content of a document that I find most interesting and useful. However, growing up in the ‘80s, sticker and stationery swaps played a big role in my childhood. The more colorful and interesting the stationery, the better. As I grew up – and computers took over our communication – my active interest waned but I have always kept an eye out for interesting finds in the Archives. Over the past several years, I’ve noted the locations of these and have pulled together some of my favorites. While the messages and people may be notable, in this case it is much more about the story of the letterhead.

     Sincerely yours,

               Dina Kellams

               Director, Indiana University Archives

Curators: Dina Kellams. Hosted by: University Archives.

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Dina Kellams - Director
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