The IU Libraries Screening Room (Wells Library 048) offers high-quality film and video projection with the flexibility of an open floor space for use by seminar classes and high-profile symposia.

The Screening Room seats up to 48 people with theater and classroom seating. Please note we require registration via LiveWhale for all public screening events to be created and controlled by the Screening Room Coordinator. All advertising created for the screening event must include the registration link, no exceptions.

Due to its specialized technologies (more information below), the Screening Room is prioritized for a select number of classroom screenings, screenings on archival or high-end digital technologies that are not met by the average classroom, talks and/or conferences featuring high profile speakers, and as a place to test new in-progress film/video productions by students and/or faculty.

The IU Libraries Screening Room is booked on a first-come, first-serve basis for the current and upcoming semesters. The Libraries reserve the right to deny any requests. It is not available for screenings or functions proposed by organizations or individuals from outside of Indiana University. 

We strongly recommend submitting your booking request at least two weeks (14 days) prior to your film screening event. We are currently accepting class and public event screening requests for SPRING 2022. 

Booking the Screening Room for a public film screening

  • If your request is accepted, the Libraries will provide: 
    • a projectionist/technician to ensure a smooth viewing experience
    • an event registration service and the ability to reserve a block of tickets for a filmmaker or for students attending the screening event for a class, for instance. 
    • promotion/advertising on our events calendar 
    • research and procurement of public performance rights
  • You as the requestor are responsible for:
    • covering the license/shipping fees and legal clearance involved in public performance rights
    • ensuring that we receive any and all moving image media arrive at least two weeks prior to the screening
    • promoting the screening event and bring an audience of at least 10 people to the screening
    • including the registration link in all promotional/advertising digital and print materials 
    • providing a short description of the film for event calendaring purposes
    • providing an introduction and/or Q&A (if desired)
    • Please include in the booking request if your event will include a built-in audience of students attending for a class, as the number of available public tickets will have to be adjusted. 
  • Food and/or drinks are not allowed in the Screening Room.
  • The Screening Room temperature tends to run cool, so please remember to bring a jacket or sweater. 

  • Cancellations and No-Shows: If you need to cancel or change your reservation, please notify us immediately. We will hold the room for 20 minutes after your scheduled start time; after that, if you have not arrived, we will close the room and cancel the event.

Booking the Screening Room for a class screening

Please note: the Screening Room can only be used for screenings; lectures need to happen in another space.

We offer the following support for class screenings:

  • a projectionist to operate the technology/projection equipment
  • access to films and video in the Libraries’ collection
  • assistance in securing Blu-Rays and/or other DCPs/prints from the Library Media Services Department
  • Please note: any purchases or rental will need to come from other budgetary source.


Request a Screening Room  Semester-Long Reservations  

*For private film screening and reception requests, please email: jt85 @ Indiana . edu


The following audiovisual formats can be presented in the IU Libraries Screening Room:

  • Film: 16mm 
  • Video: CED / VHS / LaserDisc / DVD / Blu-ray / plus the ability to patch in other decks
  • Digital: Laptops through HDMI or VGA connectors / Apple Pro-Res / 2K DCP

The IU Libraries Screening Room uses the following projectors:

  • for film, two Eastman 25 -16mm film projectors OR a portable in-room 16mm Kodak Pageant film projector
  • for analog and digital video, a Barco 2K Digital Cinema projector. 

Room Set-Up

The room can be arranged to accommodate a smaller number of individuals either with theater seating (left, below) or chairs arranged around one or more tables (classroom setup, right below). Please note: we will do our best to accommodate your preferred room setup, but cannot guarantee your selected setup.