Screening Room Semester-Long Scheduling

Application: Semester-Long Scheduling in the Screening Room

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To arrange a one-time class screening or a public screening, please use the Screening Room Booking Request Form.

Instructors may apply to use the Screening Room over the course of an entire semester. Two courses are selected per semester, based on the expressed need for using the capabilities of the Screening Room that the average classroom does not offer. Examples of need could include:

  • Projection of 16mm films
  • Production courses that require 2K digital projection or high-end audio speakers
  • Courses on the history of cinema technology and/or exhibition
  • Faculty that want to have ability to move chairs and tables around for creative activities after a screening

Please note: the Screening Room can only be used for screenings; lectures need to happen in another space.

We offer the following support for class screenings:

  • a projectionist to run the technology
  • access to films and video in the Libraries’ collection
  • assistance in tracking down blu-rays and/or other DCPs/prints from other sources

There is no cost for semester-long booking and attendant support, but any purchases or rental will need to come from other budgetary sources.

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