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The Scholars' Commons Digitization Lab is a self-service work area. Its mission is to provide users with tools for the conversion and analysis of their digital projects so that they can ultimately proceed independently. Trained staff will assist and instruct users in their own efforts whenever possible, and will direct users to learning opportunities offered by the Indiana University Libraries and Indiana University more broadly.


Access to Equipment

General computer use is allowed in the Scholars' Commons Digitization Lab as long as it is not preventing patrons access to the specialized software and hardware in the Lab.  General-use patrons may be asked to give up their machines.  For more information about general use, consult the IU Libraries' Appropriate Use of Public Access Computers policy for more information.  

Food and Beverages

Food and beverages can damage library materials and/or attract pests that can damage materials. In our highly computerized environment, food and beverage can damage valuable electronic and media equipment. Because of this, food and drink are not allowed in Lab.

Saving Your Files

Please save your project files on your own external drive or other networked areas. All lab machines will reset nightly so files cannot be stored on the lab machines without risk of losing data.

Storage of Personal Items

Hard drives or other personal items needed for saving or transferring files cannot be stored in the Digitization Lab. Materials brought to the lab for scanning or analysis must remain with you at all times.

Reserving the Lab

The Scholars' Commons Digitization Lab may be periodically closed to the public for teaching and training purposes. Consult the lab schedule and plan accordingly.