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Russian intelligence on Asia in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries
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"Consists of pre-revolutionary Orientological publications is the little-known, classified Collection of Geographical, Topographical and Geographical Materials on Asia = Sbornik geograficheskikh, topograficheskikh i statisticheskikh materialov po Azii which was issued by the Russian General Staff between 1883 and 1914 in 87 thick volumes and 9 supplements. The Secret Prints are accounts of travels to lesser-known reaches of Asia, mostly by Russian army officers including among others authors such Nikolai Przhevalskii, Aleksei Kuropatkin, Nikolai Ermolov, Gustav Mannerheim, Lavr Kornilov, and Andrei Snesarev. The articles range from attaché and diplomatic dispatches to histories of tsarist plans for the invasion of India, the siege of Herat, and European campaigns against China. Together, they comprise a unique and largely untapped source for 19th century of Asia." -- OCLC WorldCat

Coverage: 1883-1914 - Updates vary

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