Rush Cataloging & Catalog Correction Requests

Rush Cataloging

Request that a new book, video or other material be prepared for your use.  You may submit a request for any title marked in IUCAT as "on order," "in process," or "being cataloged."  You will need your 14 digit library barcode number to place a request.  Please note that materials described as "on order" have not yet been received by the library. You may also use this form to request rush cataloging and processing for IU dissertations found in ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global, but not yet listed in IUCAT.

Rush Cataloging Request

Catalog Correction Requests

Did you find an error in IUCAT? Please let us know.

Use the form linked below to report the following types of cataloging problems:

  • typographical errors in bibliographic records
  • incorrect headings (authors, subjects, series, uniform titles)
  • split files (two or more different forms for the same author, series, etc.)
  • location problems
  • incorrect authority records

Your efforts in identifying and reporting needed corrections help maintain the quality and integrity of IUCAT.

Catalog Correction Request Form