Threading the binding of a seventeenth century manuscript, creating dyes from walnuts to use historically accurate ink, protecting a Civil War soldier's letter to his sister, and knowing the intricacies of paper fibers - this is the crucial work of IU Libraries Preservationists. 

Preservationists at IU Libraries in the E. Lingle Craig Preservation Lab use science and art to maintain the longevity of a variety of materials in our collections. Your support through the Mellon Foundation Endowment Fund ensures that we have all of the tools and resources to repair and preserve materials as well as add to our knowledge through ongoing training. 

The mission of the E. Lingle Craig Preservation Lab is to facilitate the use of information resources for as long as they are needed, and in the forms most appropriate for their effective use. In the IU Bloomington Libraries, where permanent retention is the goal, the role of the Preservation Lab is to stabilize and improve the condition of the book and paper collections, ensuring that they are accessible for use by both present and future researchers. This means protecting the collections from avoidable damage and deterioration, repairing and conserving materials, and replacing or copying materials that cannot be repaired. More information is available from the Preservation Lab

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