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The mission of the E. Lingle Craig Preservation Lab is to facilitate the use of information resources for as long as they are needed, and in the forms most appropriate for their effective use. In the IU Bloomington Libraries, where permanent retention is the goal, the role of the Preservation Lab is to stabilize and improve the condition of the book and paper collections, ensuring that they are accessible for use by both present and future researchers. This means protecting the collections from avoidable damage and deterioration, repairing and conserving materials, and replacing or copying materials that cannot be repaired. More information about our work is available via the tabs to the left.



Staff Directory

Head, General Preservation and Conservation Services
(812) 855-8464
Paper Conservation Technician
(812) 856-3288
Binding and Preservation Review Coordinator
(812) 855-5629
Kasemake Enclosure Specialist
(812) 856-0204
Library Conservation Technician
(812) 856-1070
Paper Conservator
(812) 856-4463
Library Conservation Technician
(812) 855-3161

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8:00a.m. until 5:00p.m. Monday through Friday


The E. Lingle Craig Preservation Lab gives frequent tours and workshops.  For more information, please contact the Associate Dean for Technical Services and Preservation, Mechael Charbonneau.

The E. Lingle Craig Preservation Laboratory is located at 2850 East Discovery Parkway, Bloomington, IN 47408:

If you are traveling via automobile from the Herman B Wells Library,drive East on 10th Street towards the IN 45/46 Bypass. Cross over 45/46 and continue to the stop light at the intersection of 10th Street and East Discovery Parkway (to your left) / Pete Ellis Drive (to your right). Turn left onto East Discovery Parkway and follow the road past the curve to the left. The Preservation Lab is located in the Ruth Lilly Auxiliary Library Facility.  Indiana University staff and student permit parking, two visitor's spaces, and handicapped parking are available.

#6 and #9 Campus buses stop on 10th Street near our location. Approximately 5 minutes additional walking is required.

Entry Instructions:

Enter the front door into the vestibule. On wall to your the left there is a phone to ring into the work areas. Select the button marked "Preservation" then press the "Call" button to ring the Preservation Lab. A staff member will meet you at the door. 

Main Contact:

Mechael Charbonneau, Associate Dean for Technical Services and Preservation

Our main Lab number is 812-856-0991

Alternately, individual staff can be reached directly for assistance.


There are four functional sub-units within the Preservation Department. Each has its own page of staff and descriptions of the work they perform.

General Collections Conservation
Paper Conservation
Bindery Preparation
Automated Boxmaking

General description of the main areas of the Craig Preservation Lab

The main footprint for all of Preservation's lab, office, and storage spaces is approx. 60 x 100 feet, so about 6,000 SF of contiguous space, another room for water and mold remediation (209 SF), and 2 outside walk-in freezers.

Activities housed in Preservation are:

·         General Collections Conservation
·         Paper Conservation
·         Automated box-making
·         Water and mold remediation
·         Special  collections conservation and exhibit prep 
·         Commercial Binding Preparation


Descriptions and photos of the main room of the Craig Lab are as follows.  For a more complete discussion of the activities of each of the main units of the E. Lingle Craig Preservation Lab, please see their respective information pages elsewhere on this site.

Room 140 – General Preservation Workroom

Preservation Lab main workroom


The General Collections Workroom is where most of the work on the circulating collections takes place.  Two full-time conservation technicians have their benches in this area along with the work space for the Head of General Preservation and Conservation Services.  In addition, there are several work areas for our hourly staff.


Board shear, ~56"
4 map cases end-to-end and counter top
Very long work table (equal length to the 4 map cases)
Job backer
1 large press; 6 small presses
3 u-shaped benches (2 techs., head)
3 benches at a long counter (students work there, and at long table)


Room 140G – Special Collections Workroom


Preservation Lab Special Collections workroom


The Special Collections Workroom is a shared space where the Lilly Library conservation staff are located when their work brings them to the Lab (much of their work is focused on the Lilly Library exhibition program and so much of their work is done in the Lilly Library).  In addition, the staff of the Paper Lab use the large flat space to do much of their mending and repairs of larger works and also make heavy use of the ultrasonic wielder for encapsulating maps and posters as needed and which is located in this room.


Board shear ~44"
Minter encapsulator
Four map cases w/ counter tops
Two u-shaped benches
Three benches at a long counter
Dry-mount press
Book press
Mat cutter


Room 140F: The Paper Lab, aka the Wet Lab

Preservation Lab Paper Conservation workspace


Standing press
Drying rack
Leaf caster
Large sink
Standard sink and counter
Suction table
Fume hood
Two map cases w/ counter tops
Two table-height treatment tables
Deionizing water filtration

Enclosures, Room 140A, houses not only the automated box-making machine, but also the guillotine plus much of the board stock used to make enclosures.

Work Room, Room 140E, is largely a machine/dirty room in which can be found:
Dry-mount press
Drill press
Band saw
Bench grinder
Board slotter
Utility sink

Water and mold remediation room is not marked on the floor plan and is located just outside the Lab itself.  In it there are:
Wei T'o freezer
Fume hood
Disaster response equipment

In addition there are two outdoor walk-in freezers, each approximately 12' x 8' x 10'.

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