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Collection of various documents, including literature, concerning Black Power and Amiri Baraka (once known as LeRoi Jones)

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Abstract: The collection consists of materials from the years 1913 through 1998 that document African American author and activist Amiri Baraka and were gathered by Dr. Komozi Woodard in the course of his research. The extensive documentation includes poetry, organizational records, print publications, articles, plays, speeches, personal correspondence, oral histories, as well as some personal records. The materials cover Baraka's involvement in the politics in Newark, N.J. and in Black Power movement organizations such as the Congress of African People, the National Black Conference movement, the Black Women's United Front. Later materials document Baraka's increasing involvement in Marxism.

Contents: Series I: Black arts movement, 1961-1998 -- Series II: Black nationalism, 1964-1977 -- Series III: Correspondence, 1967-1973 -- Series IV: Newark (New Jersey), 1913-1980 -- Series V: Congress of African People, 1960-1976 -- Series VI: National Black conferences and National Black Assembly, 1968-1975 -- Series VII: Black Women's United Front, 1975-1976 -- Series VIII: Student Organization for Black Unity, 1971 -- Series IX: African Liberation Support Committee, 1973-1976 -- Series X: Revolutionary Communist League, 1974-1982 -- Series XI: African socialism, 1973 -- Series XII: Black Marxists, 1969-1980 -- Series XIII: National Black United Front, 1979-1981 -- Series XIV: Miscellaneous materials, 1978-1988 -- Series XV: Serial publications, 1968-1984 -- Series XVI: Oral histories, 1984-1986 -- Series XVII: Komozi Woodard's office files, 1956-1986.

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