Introducing the United Nations iLibrary

Posted by Emily Alford, Head of Government Information, Maps and Microform Services

There is now a single and simple online stop for digital content published from the United Nations.  This is the first time the UN has provided such a comprehensive search, discovery, and dissemination platform.  Furthermore, this is an especially exciting resource as it is made available to scholars, policy makers, and the general public alike.

The UN iLibrary currently consists of publications regarding human rights, climate change, economic and social development, international peace and security, international law, and public health.  Going forward, the iLibrary will additionally provide access to statistical databases and working papers.  At present, there are around 1,000 different titles within the iLibrary, with the majority being in English.  However, about 250 of these are in other official UN languages, such as Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, and Arabic.  Some examples of current publications included are listed here:

  • World Drug Reports
  • Air Pollution Studies
  • Energy Statistics Yearbooks
  • World Migration Policies
  • Year in Review: United Nations Peace Operations

By the end of 2016, around 3,000 titles are anticipated to be made available, with the scope of these covering content published by the UN from 2010 to 2015.  Each year thereafter, approximately 500 more titles published within that year will be added, as reflects the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Users are able to view, embed, and share these publications on both desktop and mobile devices.  Other highlights include:

  • the ability to view content by year, language, and title index
  • granular contents
  • PDF and READ versions available
  • a citation tool which integrates with bibliographic management systems
  • RSS feeds
  • and more!

For further information on the United Nations, the new UN iLibrary, and international government information in general, stop by or contact the Government Information, Maps, and Microform Services department at Wells Library.