Index Map: African Poster Collection and West Africa Map Sets

Posted by Theresa Quill, Social Sciences Librarian
screenshot of interactive index map

This interactive index map displays items from IU's map collection, as well as its African Poster Collection. Click the image to access the interactive version of the index map.

The boxes shaded pink represent posters from the African Poster Collection which contain maps, or are themselves maps. The African Poster Collection includes posters from all regions of Africa, focusing on diverse themes such as apartheid, human rights, film festivals, and voter education. The interactive index has information about individual posters; detailed information about how to view the maps in person can be found on the African Poster Collection homepage.

Items from IU's map collection are shaded orange. These maps of West Africa are held in the Government Information, Maps & Microform Services department of the Herman B Wells Library, and are available to the public. Use the interactive index map to find more information about individual maps, including catalog record links.

screenshot of interactive index map


Interactive index map created by Mia Partlow