Senator from Indiana, 1963-80

Press Releases and Statements 1963-66

Date                      No.         Title/Subject


1963.2.10             R-1         Inspection - Whitewater River Flood Control Association
1963.2.13             R-2         G.I. Bill in Indiana
1963.2.15             R-3         Burns Waterway Harbor and Indiana Dunes
1963.3.1               R-4         Statement on National Fiscal Policy
1963.4.8               R-5         Speech to Wabash River Navigation Conference - Indiana State Teachers College, Terre Haute, IN
1963.4.12             R-6         Letter to Allen S. Boyd, Civil Aeronautics Board Chairman, regarding air service to Fort Wayne and Muncie
1963.3.19             R-7         Itinerary for weekend of April 19
1963.5.22             R-8         D.C. Teachers College convocation and citation for service to education
1963.5.23             R-9         Letter to Gen. Jackson Graham, Wabash Valley Board of Engineers protesting delay in action on interim report on Wabash River Basin
1963.5.25             R-10       Letter to Indianapolis School Board president protesting suspension of Miss Welch
1963.5.27             R-11       "Ten most promising men in Congress" - Washington Press Corps
1963.6.5               R-12       Speech at Indiana 4-H round-up at Purdue
1963.6.7               R-13       Itinerary for weekend of June 7
1963.6.10             R-14       Senator Bayh Plans Meeting on Wabash Valley Survey of Water Resources
1963.6.17             R-15       Bayh premiers film on Indiana's efforts to fight juvenile delinquency
1963.6.19             R-16       Letter to Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Larrick expressing concern over testing and evaluation of cancer drug Krebiozen
1963.6.27             R-17       Statement for Broadcasting Magazine supporting repeal of equal time provision
1963.6.28             R-18       Senator Bayh Calls for Passage of Civil Rights Bill (annual convention of Christ Temple Apostolic Church)
1963.7.2               R-19       Letter to Appropriation Committee Agriculture Subcommittee chair on funds to fight infestation of cereal leaf beetle in Indiana
1963.7.4               R-20       Senator Bayh Says Independence and Discrimination Are Contradictory in America
1963.7.25             R-21       Life feature on Mrs. Bayh
1963.7.31             R-22       Senator Bayh Asks Protection for Indiana Shoe Manufacturers
1963.9.10             R-23       Senator Bayh Announces Three Staff Changes
1963.9.30             R-24       Midwest Senators to Hear MPATI Expansion Plans [Midwestern Program on Airborne Television Instruction]
1963.10.2             R-25       Senator Bayh Named Constitutional Amendments Subcommittee Chairman
1963.11.4             R-26       Senator Bayh to Represent United States at Paris NATO Conference
1963.11.4             R-27       Senator Bayh Sponsors Bill to Boost Private Industry
1963.11.26           R-28       Senator Bayh Sponsors Assassination Legislation




1964                         --       Statement: Proposed Income Tax Benefits for College Students
1964                       1-64     Presidential Succession and Disability
1964.2.5                 3-64     Senator Bayh Names Legislative Assistant
1964.2.13               4-64     Military Academy Nominations
1964.2.13               6-64     Tentative Schedule for remainder of February
1964.2.15               8-64     Remarks before the Association of State Bar Presidents
1964.2.19               9-64     Dinner Honoring Select Students in School of Agriculture, Purdue
1964.2.13             10-64     Subcommittee Hearings on Presidential Inability and Vacancy in Vice Presidency
1964.2.19             11-64     Farm Program
1964.2.20             12-64     American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, Chicago
1964.2.                 13-64     Larry Conrad Appointed
1964.2.24             14-64     Kaiser Jeep Corporation
1964.2.22             15-64     Advisory to News Media
1964                     16-64     Presidential Succession
1964.3.4               17-64     America's Peace Corps
1964.3                  18-64     Acreage Retirement Program
1964.3.14             19-64     Presidential Inability and Vacancy in Vice-Presidency
1964                       --         Testimony on Floor: Indiana Dunes
1964.3.16             20-64     Acreage-retirement Program
1964                       --          Education
1964.3.16             21-64     Economic Growth in the U.S.
1964.3.18             22-64     Indiana Farmers
1964.3.20               --          Joint Statement of Governor Matthew Welsh, Hartke, and Bayh plus Madden, Brademas, J. Ed. Roush and Winfield Denton putting Welsh's name on
                                                Indiana ballot as Presidential candidate
1964.3.23             24-64     Interstate Shipment of Swine
1964.3.25             25-64     Civil Rights Bill
1964.3.31             26-64     American Aid to Indonesia
1964.4.14             27-64     DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana
1964.4.23             28-64     Presidential Inability
1964.4.24             29-64     Evanston, Illinois Speech (includes speech text)
1964.4.24               --          Excerpts from Senator Kennedy's speech in Indianapolis (includes intro information)
1964.4.30             30-64     House Public Works Subcommittee "flood control"
1964.4.29             31-64     Civil Rights
1964.4.30             32-64     Statement before the Public Works Committee "Wabash Valley"
1964.5.2               33-64     Excerpts from Bayh at J.F.K. Memorial Dinner, Huntingburg
1964.5.5               34-64     Senate Floor Statement -- Mail on Civil Rights
1964.5.19               --          Speech, Hammond Chamber of Commerce
1964.5.15             35-64     Speech, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland
1964.5.23             36.64     Agreement reached on Inability Vice-Presidency Vacancy Amendment
1964.5.27             37-64     Statement on Action of the Subcommittee on Constitutional Amendments
1964.                     --           S.J. Resolution 139  Joint Resolution see 51-64
1964.6.5               38-64     Announcement of Young Citizens for Johnson
1964.6.5               39-64     Advisory to News Media about Young Citizens for Johnson
1964.6.3                 --          Statement on National Rivers and Harbors (Clifty Creek Reservoir)
1964.6.16               --          Statement concerning Improvements on Crooked Creek in Vicinity of Madison (testimony before U.S. Army Corps
                                                of Engineers District Engineer W. Roper)
  --                           --          (No 40-64)
1964.6.19             41-64     Passage of the Civil Rights Bill
1964.6.19             42-64     Speech to Massachusetts State Democratic Convention (typescript with Bayh's editing)
1964.6.19             43-64     Bayh announces federal approval of youth training and work program at Camp Atterbury [Manpower Development
                                               and Training Program] (edited typescript)
1964.7.2               44-64a   Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore (package of adjustments)
1964.7.18             44-64b   Dedication of National Guard Armory, Winchester, Indiana
1964.7.30               --          Letter to Senator Henry M. Jackson re Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore
1964.7.31             45-64     Visit with U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia (Howard P. Jones) (missing)
1964.7.31             46-64     Thomas A. DeMattina named Special Assistant of Young Citizens for Johnson by Bayh, who is national chairman
1964.8.3               47-64     Foreign Assistance to Indonesia (missing)
1964.8.3                 --          Activities of Young Citizens for Johnson at Democratic National Convention
1964.8.7                 --          Thank you Letter to editors for constituents' support following plane crash in Massachusetts [Edward Kennedy]
1964.8.7               48-64     Bill for Veterans’ Widows
1964.8.6               49-64     Statement on Vietnam Crises
1964.8.8               50-64     Young Citizens for Johnson Supporters in Los Angeles
1964.8.17             51-64     Advisory to News Media correcting cosponsors to Bayh's bill S.J. Res. 139 on presidential inability and succession, attached to
                                               press release 51-64 (includes typed draft of S.J. Res. 139, Bayh's statement opening hearings in Constitutional Amendments
                                               Subcommittee Jan 22, 1964, and S.J. Res. 139 from the 88th, 2nd session
1964.8.17             52-64     Social Security Bill
1964.8.25               --          Speech by Senator Bayh before the Democratic National Convention
1964.8.27               --          Speech of Senator Bayh for Youth Rally (missing)
1964.9.4               53-64     Miami, Florida - launching of Florida Young Citizens for Johnson-Humphrey
1964.9.12             54-64     Marion, Virginia - Political for Congress W. Pat Jennings
1964.9.12.            55-64     Louisville, Kentucky - launching of Kentucky Young Citizens for Johnson-Humphrey
1964.9.12             56-64     Nashville, Tennessee - launching of Tennessee Young Citizens for Johnson-Humphrey
  --                           --          (No 57-64)
1964.9.18             58-64     Washington, DC "Youth Wants to Know"
1964.9.17             59-64     Huntington, Indiana - Bayh urges nation to unite behind Lyndon Johnson
1964.9.19             60-64     Bayh stresses importance of youth vote at Springfield, Illinois Midwest Democrats Conference
1964.9.20             61-64     Charleston, Illinois - Eastern Illinois University (missing)
1964.9.20             62-64     Bayh predicts young people will support Johnson at Indianapolis Young Citizens for Johnson-Humphrey Barbecue
1964.9.23             63-64     Terre Haute, Indiana - Appearance with Humphrey
1964.9.21               --          Speech to Odd Fellows on search for world peace
1964.9.24             64-64     Plymouth, Indiana - Democratic rally
1964.9.23             65-64     Fort Wayne, Indiana - Allen County Pharmacists Association
1964.9.23             66-64     Statement on Cancellation of Speech in Fort Wayne [physicians, intimidation of pharmacists]
1964.9.24             67-64     Speech at Bloomington, Indiana Democratic rally stresses Johnson's support for education
1964.9.25             68-64     Speech for Muncie, Indiana Democratic rally stresses search for peace
1964.9.27             69-64     Speech at Seymour, Indiana rally honoring John Bottorff stresses Johnson's strong economic policies
1964.9                  70-64     Bayh's speaking schedule Sept. 17- Oct. 11
1964.9.27             71-64     Bayh urges young voter participation at Far Hills, New Jersey Young Citizens for Johnson-Humphrey barbecue rally
1964.9.28             72-64     Speech in Louisville to Kentucky Medical Association urges physicians not to judge candidates on single issues
1964.9.28               --          Statement by Senator Bayh in Senate of the United States in support of S.J. Res. 139 on presidential disability and succession
1964.10.1             73-64     Butler, Pennsylvania - Young Democrats dinner for Frank M. Clark, Representative
1964.9.29             74-64     Passage of Indiana Dunes bill
1964.10.2             75-64     South Bend, Indiana - toured 3rd Congressional District with Brademas
1964.10.4             76-64     Riverside, California - Supporting John V. Tunney for Congress
1964.10.5             77-64     Marion, Indiana - Democratic rally
1964.10.6             78-64     Madison, Indiana - Bayh urges support for President Johnson
1964.10.7             79-64     Columbus, Indiana - Political speech
1964.10.               80-64     Schedule of Senator Bayh
1964.10.9             81-64     New Albany, Indiana - Democratic rally
1964.10.11           82-64     St. Louis, Missouri - YCJ-H rally (cancelled)
1964.10.7             83-64     Valparaiso, Indiana Meeting with state and port officials on Burns Ditch
1964.10.13           84-64     Burlington County, NJ - dinner honoring Rep. Frank Thompson, Jr., and Senator Harrison A. Williams, Jr.
1964.10.14           85-64     Grinnell, Iowa - Democratic rally
1964.10.15           86-64     Valley City, ND - Fund-raising dinner (cancelled)
1964.10.15           87-64     Detroit, Michigan - Michigan Federation of Teachers
1964.10.16           88-64     Kokomo, Indiana - Phi Delta Kappa Fraternity
1964.11.20           89-64     Statement Regarding the Closing of Three Installations and the Expanding of a Fourth
1964.11.10           90-64     Advisory to News Media re news conference by Andy Jacobs, Jr.
1964.12.9             91-64     Meetings to be held in Indiana re planned closings of military establishments at Terre Haute and Rockville
1964.12.10           92-64     Bayh predicts passage of proposed legislation on Presidential inability and vacancy in the Vice-Presidency
1964.12.11           93-64     Bayh speaks to community leaders regarding proposed military base closings
1964.12.23           95-64     Bayh to introduce legislation to allow federal participation in building a deep-water port at Burns Ditch


1965.1.2                 1-65     Bayh urges economic boycott of Indonesia if it pulls out of UN
1965.1.7                 2-65     Bayh introduces presidential disability amendment S.J.Res. 1, like one he introduced last year that passed Senate 65-0; 69
                                               Democratic sponsors, 21 Republicans by end of Jan. 6.
1965.1.7                 3-65     Bayh urges LBJ to his power to halt U.S. aid to Indonesia (it withdrew from UN)
1965.1.8                 4-65     Bayh co-sponsors bill to establish Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore
1965.1.12               5-65     Bayh introduces (for self and Hartke) bill to permit federal aid to construction of deep-water port in NW Indiana
1965.1.17               6-65     Bayh speaks to Touchdown Club dinner in DC in support of ethics in sports
1965.1.29             10-65     Bayh in support of S.J.Res. 1, even if not perfect
1965.2.9                 --          Testimony before Judiciary Committee in support of S.J.Res. 1
1965.2.11             13-65 & 14-65?  Bayh statement read on his behalf before Senate Special Committee on Aging meeting in Indy says much needs to be done to
                                               provide adequate nursing homes for elderly
1965.2.18             14-65   Supports proposed Cold War GI Bill
1965.3.1               15-65     Bayh releases partial list of witnesses on amendments to revise apportionment in state legislatures (countering Supreme Court ruling
                                               that has to be on population only)
1965.3.3               16-65     On reapportionment hearings: will not tolerate vilification of Sup Ct, will seek area of agreement
1965.3.4               17-65     Bayh introduces amendment to require electoral college votes to reflect popular vote proportions; turn presidential election to House and V-P to
                                                Senate if no one receives a majority; and to establish V-P elect as successor of President-elect dies before electoral votes are validated
                                               (S.J.Res. 58)
1965.3.12             20-65     (Emotional) Response to hatred expressed in Selma riot
1965.3.15             21-65     Excerpts from remarks at Steven Roy Crawford Appreciation Day meeting, Logansport (handicapped child)
1965.3.15             22-65     Excerpts from dedication of Tirey Memorial Union, ISU
                             23-65     [missing, with note in file that it was removed for legislative study by Gary Schneck]
   --                        24-65     [file empty]
1965.3.18             25-65     Support for LBJ efforts to curb juvenile crime in U.S. (statement in Senate)
1965.3.23             26-65     Letter to Dean Rusk supporting keeping economic aid to Indonesia under review
1965.4.5               27-65     Introduces bill to permit vets' widows to receive VA home and business loans
1965.4.2               28-65     Senate speech on nation taking satisfaction in unemployment reduction
1965.4.9               30-65     Hails ESEA passage as great achievement (was co-sponsor)
1965.4.21             32-65     Demands in floor statement that Civil Aeronautics Board end practice of discriminating against smaller cities' requests for air travel
1965.4.29             --             14 Midwestern Senators have drafted comprehensive disaster relief legislation
1965.5.18             --             At Ft. Wayne state LWV conference, explains reapportionment proposal safeguards
1965.6.4               36-65     Bayh supports controls on gun purchases (S. 14) but not prohibition of guns through the mail (S. 1592)
1965.6.1               37-65     Marvella's Indiana speech schedule for June
                             38-65     [folder empty; label says "About Money for Education"]
1965.6.5               39-65     Marvella's speech to Federated Democratic Women's Clubs of Indiana on keeping up strong efforts
1965.6.5               41-65     Bayh urges Senate Democrats to resist efforts to repeal requirement that only U.S. materials be used under 1964 mass transit act
1965.6.10             42-65     House and Senate conferees reach agreement on presidential disability amendment
1965.6.10             43-65     Asks Senate Public Works Subcommittee to authorize $39.9 million for Patoka and Clifty Creek reservoirs
1965.6.10               --           Marvella speech to Indiana 4-H leaders
1965.6.11             44-65     Statement after Public Works Subcommittee testimony says we're entering new era in flood control
1965.6.15             45-65     Bayh optimistic about passage of disaster relief legislation in 89th Congress
1965.6.15               --           Attachment to the foregoing: Summary of Disaster Relief Legislation Offered by Midwestern Senators for Themselves and Others
1965.6.18             46-65     Bayh announces five Indiana men to be among the 20 witnesses testifying on proposed comprehensive disaster relief legislation
1965. n.d.             46-65     Statement in support of Senate action to exclude foreign aid to Indonesia for the second year [Label: "IDEA Column #2]
1965.6.17             47-65     Bayh offers substitute to Dirksen's S.J. Res. 2 on legislative apportionment to Const. Amendments Subcommittee
1965.6.19             48-65     Urges Georgia Young Democrats meeting in DC to become stronger from precinct level up
1965.6.21             49-65     Bayh opens hearings in Public Works Subcommittee on comprehensive disaster relief legislation
1965.6.24             50-65     Bayh will carry fight to modify Dirksen apportionment proposal to the full Judiciary Committee (Constitutional Amendments
                                               Subcommittee voted to send it forward)
1965.6.28             51-65     Bayh speech to Girls' State advocating working to maintain democracy
1965.7.1               53-65     Bayh opposes amendment that would favor wheat farming over corn farming<
1965.6.30               --          Bayh statement to Senate in support of S. J. Res. 1
   --                          --         Carbons of wording of S.J. Res. 1, including carbon of official form
1965.7.1               54-65     Bayh expects Senate approval of conference report on 25th Amendment
   --                          --          Language of S.J. Res. 1, Sections 1-4, for release
1965.7.9               55-65     Bayh proposes that CAB be required to give smaller cities a 2-year grace period on air service after ruling to discontinue
                                               existing service
   --                          --          Bayh-Lines from Washington: "Disability-Succession Amendment Goes to States" [Label: Column 3 Disability]
1965.7.9                 --          Statement (long) before Senate Aviation Subcommittee re air service to smaller cities
1965.7.8                 --          Testimony on proposed Wabash National Wildlife Refuge at ISU (read for him)
1965.7.12             56-65     Summary of Disaster Relief Act of 1965
1965.7.12             57-65     Summary of Indiana projects included in Omnibus Rivers and Harbors Act of 1965<
1965.7.19             59-65     Bayh at UAW Conference in Lafayette talks about need for more support for education and vocational training
1965.7.19               --          Bayh Senate speech in support of Cold War GI Bill of 1965
1965.7.21             60-65     Bayh objects to publication of Subcommittee on Internal Security study without review by its members, due to objectionable
                                               allegations contained in it (anti-communism)
1965.7.26             61-65     Bayh objects to Dirksen taking his apportionment amendment directly to Senate floor, bypassing subcommittee and Judiciary
1965.7.29             62-65     Bayh pushes 25th Amendment before Governors' Conference in Minneapolis
1965.7.                   --          Bayh-lines from Washington: "Disaster Relief Bill Clears Senate" [Label says "Column #4]
1965.7.22               --          Remarks to Senate on Constitutional Amendments Subcommittee efforts regarding proposed apportionment amendment
1965.7.27             63-65     Bayh introduces amendment to firearms bill (S. 1592) to reduce dealer fee
1965.7.16             64-65     Bayh has sent U.S. flag to two Hoosier GIs who will present it to Hue, South Viet Nam
1965.8.6               65-65     Bayh asked administration to consider recalling U.S. ambassador to Indonesia
1965.8.11             66-65     Statement before Rivers and Harbors Subcommittee of House Committee on Public Works in support of Burns Waterway Harbor
   --                          --          Bayh-Lines from Washington: Flaws in the Firearms Bill
1965.8.17             67-65     New Proposal of Apportionment (Constitutional Amendments Subcommittee to meet to consider new proposal by Dirksen [S.J.Res. 103]
                                               on reapportionment; no hearing, just tough discussions)
1965.8.24             68-65     Busseron Watershed Approval (Senate to approve $9.5 million Busseron Watershed project in Sullivan, Vigo, Greene and Clay Counties)
1965.8.27             68-65     Shipping to Vietnam (Bayh to introduce legislation to bring sanctions against free-world nations shipping goods to North Viet Nam)
1965.9.1               69-65     Shipping to North Vietnam: Statement
1965.9.4               70-65     Speech at Franklin (to Indiana High School Press Association meeting promoting responsibility of youth for maintaining respect
                                               for law)
1965.9.8               71-65     Art Reception (sent to non-Hoosier press) (Bayhs to host reception in Senate Caucus Room in honor of new Indiana State Arts
                                               Commission, bringing together artists and government leaders)
1965.9.8               72-65     Art Festival Reception (Bayhs host traveling exhibition as part of Indiana's Festival of the Arts)
1965.9.14             73-65     Art Reception (list of artists) (Bios of artists included in traveling exhibition)
1965.9.14             74-65     Art Reception (Report on reception)
1965.9.14             75-65     Farm Bill (Bayh votes against Administration-supported farm bill, contends that piecemeal approach is no longer workable)
1965.9.15             76-65     Atom Smashing Sites: Bayh statement of support for AEC considering two sites in Indiana for the National Atomic
                                               Accelerator Laboratory
   --                          --          Anti-Vietnam Demonstrations, Column #8 [not in folder; note saying material was removed for Leg. Study by Gary Schneck]
1965.9.24             76-65     Career in Health Professions (Bayh urges young Hoosiers at Indiana Health Careers Conference to consider health professions)
1965.9.25             77-65     Easter Seals Banquet (Bayh as 1965 Easter Seal Chairman, emphasizes private charitable giving)
1965.9.22             78-65     Joint Committee on the Organization of Congress (Bayh advocates 4-year terms for House members and other reforms)
   --                          --          Bayh-Lines from Washington: Preserving Our Precious Water Supply
1965.9.29             79-65     Steel, Animals, Defamation (Bayh co-sponsorship of bills to study steel imports, assure humane treatment of laboratory animals,
                                               and prohibit defamatory material in the mail)
1965.10.2             80-65     Dunes Testimony at Valpo (Statement on Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore at Valparaiso, S. 360 and H.R. 51)
1965.10.12           81-65     Indiana Itinerary (Bayh schedule of appearances Oct. 14-23)
1965.10.15           82-65     Vietnamese Commando Peace Corps (Speech to Indiana State Chamber of Commerce on Vietnamese nationals being selected and
                                                trained through A.I.D.)
1965                     83-65      Letter to AEC Chair Seaborg (supporting location of 200 BEV Accelerator in the Midwest)
1965.10.14           84-65     Senate Appropriations (Bayh request to committee to earmark anti-poverty funds for rural anti-poverty programs)
1965.10.18           85-65     Big Walnut Reservoir (Bayh asks Army Corps of Engineers to approve project)
1965.10.18           86-65     Gary Air Pollution Speech
1965.10.18           87-65     Valpo Speech on 25th (Speech to Student Bar Association and Valparaiso University students in support of ratification of 25th
1965.10.18           88-65     Portage Speech on Port-Park (Confidence that federal government will help fund deep-water port)
1965.10.20           89-65     Speech on 25th to Indiana Legislature (supporting ratification of 25th Amendment)
1965.10.21           90-65     Indianapolis Speech on Education (supporting new federal funding)
1965.10.29           91-65     CAB Reopening of Hearings (on TWA abandonment of Indianapolis - Terre Haute - St. Louis route1965)
1965.10.29           92-65     Two Senators Plan "Unofficial" Visits in Latin America (Bayhs and Fred Harrises to take 3-week trip to Peru, Brazil, Argentina,  
                                               and Chile)
1965.11.2             93-65     Itinerary in Latin America
1965.11.3             94-65     Shriver at Atterbury (Bayh reports Shriver support after visit to Job Corps Training Center at Camp Atterbury)
1965.11.5             95-65     Operation Big Lift (Bayh supporting Muncie Jaycees in program to show public support for soldiers in Vietnam)
1965.11.5             96-65     Jim Muldoon (joins Bayh staff)
1965.11.8             97-65     Indiana Students Who CARE (Bayh honorary chairman of college student effort to raise funds for South Vietnamese schoolchildren)
1965.11.9             98-65     Indiana Students Who CARE (details of project with excerpts from Bayh statement of support)
1965.11.8             99-65     College Chairmen for Students Who CARE
1965.11.11         100-65     Vice President Supports Indiana Students Who CARE (Hubert Humphrey
1965                   101-65     Special to Indianapolis News [not in folder; note from Gary Schneck that materials was removed for leg. study]
1965.11.23         102-65     Bayh Proposes "Operation THINK" Massive Education Effort in South America (Operation Total Hemispheric Investment in Knowledge)
1965.12.1           103-65     Bayh to See President about "Operation THINK"
1965                       --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: " 'Operation THINK' Would Focus U.S. Efforts in Latin American on the Need for Education"<
1965.12.8           104-65     Bayh Proposes LBJ Visit to Latin America
1965.12.11         105.65     Hoosiers Can Avoid Water Shortage (supporting conservation)
1965.12.10         106-65     Bayh to Seek Early Passage of Disaster Bill
1965.12.12         107-65     Hubert Humphrey Calls for Ratification of 25th Amendment
1965.12.15         108-65     Judge Landis Sworn In (Bayh congratulations)
1965.12.15         109-65     Bayh Urges Hoosiers to Seek Federal Contracts
1965.12.16         110-65     Bayh Urges Adoption of Big Blue and Downeyville Reservoir Plans (testimony to Army Corps of Engineers)
1965.12.19         110-65 [111-65] Bayh Urges "Review" of New Programs (supports oversight by existing committees rather than creation of special fact-
                                               finding or quality-control committees)
1965.12.16         112-65     Senator Bayh, Army, "Play Cupid" for Hoosier Couple
1965.12.31         113-65     Bayh Asks REA to Prevent Massive Power Failure in 3-State Area (Rural Electrification Administration pooling of power resources)
1965.                     --            Bayh-Lines from Washington: "Economic Gains, Prosperity Continue"


1966.1.7                 1-66     Bayh to Sponsor Leadership Conference for Hoosier High School Students
1966.1.8                 2-66     Top Officials to Participate in Hoosier Government Leadership Conference
1966.1.9                 3-66     Bayh Helps Stage "Bleed-In" Behind Prison Walls
1966.1.10               4-66     Ratification of Bayh Amendment Expected in 1967 [25th Amendment]
1966.1.11               5-66     Bayh to Serve on State Sports Advisory Committee
1966.1.11               6-66     Bayh to Travel throughout Indiana This Week
1966.n.d.                7-66     Bayh Hails Approval of 8 Indiana Community Education Centers
1966.1.12               8-66     Bayh Suggests Federal Aid for Maintaining Interstate Highways
1966.1.15               9-66     Bayh Says New Laws Strengthened Education
1966.1.15             10-66     Bayh Optimistic about Nation's Economy
1966.1.16             11-66     Bayh Says Americans Must Not Neglect Domestic Needs
1966.1                                  Column Bayh-Lines from Washington: We Must Plan Now for Future Highway Needs
1966.1.18             12-66     Bayh Applauds Proposed International Education Act
1966.1.19             13-66     Bayh Announces Hearings on Electoral College Changes
1966.1.19             13-66     Senate Joint Resolution 58, Proposing Changes in the Electoral College: A Summary
1966.1.20             14-66     Bayh Warns Against Scrapping the State Unit System in Election of Presidents
1966.1.20             15-66     Bayh Introduces Proposal to Extend Terms of Representatives from Two to Four Years
1966.1                                  Column Bayh-Lines from Washington: Outlook Is Promising on Cold-War GI Bill
1966.1.25               --           Advisory to News Media: Indiana High School Government Leadership Conference
1966.1.26             16-66     Bayh, Hartke Urge More Funds for Hoosier Reservoirs
1966.2.1               17-66     Bayh Lauds 'New Direction' in Foreign Aid
1966.2.4               18-66     Bayh Plans Weekend Speeches in Indiana
1966.2.4               19-66     Bayh Urges Educational Assault on Delinquency
1966.2.5               20-66     Bayh Urges Support for International Education Act
1966.2.5               21-66     Bayh Urges Young People to Seek Careers in Government
1966.2.6               22-66     1000 Attend Government Affairs Conference
1966.2.6               23-66     Bayh Pledges Continued Effort for Patoka Reservoir
1966.2.7               24-66     Bayh Seeks Academy Appointments for Orphans of American Fighting Men Killed  in Viet Nam
1966.2.10             25-66     Bayh Recommends Stabilizing of River Bank
1966.2                                  Column Bayh-Lines from Washington: New Efforts Needed to Curb Juvenile Crime
Special                  26-66     Bayh Urges Further Steps on Shipping to North Viet Nam
1966.2.18             27-66     Bayh Reschedules Hearings on Electoral College Reform
1966.2.25             28-66     Bayh Seeks Investigation of 'Windfall' in A.I.D. Steel-Buying Policy for Vietnam (Press Conference)
1966.2.28             29-66     [Walter Walb and Harlan Hilliker to join Bayh in testifying before Senate Commerce Committee's Aviation Subcommittee this week]
1966.2.28             30-66     Bayh Opens Hearings on Changes in Electoral College
1966.2.28             31-66     Bayh Asks Senate Aviation Subcommittee to Make Thorough Study of Local Service Aviation
1966.3.6               32-66     Mrs. Bayh to Be Substitute Speaker for First Lady
1966.3.6               33-66     Bayh Says A.I.D. Agrees to Full Probe of $15-million Asian Steel 'Windfall'
1966.3.8               34-66     Bayh Demands AID Halt Purchase of Japanese Steel
1966.3.9               35-66     Bayh to Seek Amendment to Foreign Aid Bill to Halt Profiteering by Asian Steel Interests
1966.3                                  Column Bayh-Lines from Washington: A.I.D. Steel Buying Policy for Viet Nam Is Exorbitant, Hurts American Industry
1966.3.10             36-66     Senate Unanimously Votes for Bayh Proposal Requiring 'Buy American' Policy on Steel
1966.3.15             37-66     Bayh's Proposal to Help Veterans' Widows Is Encompassed by New GI Bill, VA Rules
1966.3.17             38-66     Evansville "Daughter of Erin' Honored in Nation's Capital [Maureen Fitzgerald]
1966.3.7               D1-66     Hoosier Democrats Arrive for Washington Seminars
1966.3.7               D2-66     Hoosier Democrats Are Told: 'The Future in Viet Nam: No Quick Victory'
Special                  D3-66    Gordon St. Angelo: New Breed in the Smoke-Filled Rooms
1966.3.8               D4-66     Hoosier Democrats Meet Cabinet, House Leaders
1966.3.8               D5-66     Government Briefings Continue for Hoosier Democrats
1966.3.10             D6-66     Hoosier Democrats to Tour White House: To Hear Talk by Vice President
1966.3.9               D7-66     Hoosier Democrats Wind Up Government Briefings
1966.3.10             D8-66     [Hoosier Democrats Hear Margaret Price, Cliff Carter
Special                  39-66     Bayh Schedules Indiana Speeches
Special                  40-66     Mrs. Bayh Offers Hostess Tips
Special                  41-66     28 States Have Ratified 25th Amendment on Inability and Succession, Bayh Reports
1966.3.21             42-66     Administration Backs Bayh Bill for Disaster Aid to Farmers
1966.3.21             43-66     Bayh Urges Rusk, Bell to Suspend Purchase of Steel for Vietnam During Congress' Probe
1966.4.5               44-66     Bayh Calls for Prompt Action on Disaster Bill
1966.4.1               45-66     Bayh Seeks Full Watershed Planning Program
1966.4.14             46-66     General Accounting Office Probes A.I.D. Steel Purchases
1966.4.7                 --           Statement on Reapportionment (Press Conference) (Suggested Language Changes to S. J. Res. 103 attached)
1966.4.7                 --           Notes from Reapportionment Press Conference
1966.4.14             47-66     Bayh Seeks approval of Indiana-Illinois Pact
1966.4.21             48-66     Bayh 'Gratified' at LBJ's Reception in Mexico
Special                  49-66     Senators Support Jewish Protest
1966.4.21             50-66     Study Supports Bayh's Charge That A.I.D. Is Buying Inferior Steel for Viet Nam (Press Conference)
1966.4.21             51-66     G.A.O. Discloses 'Improper Costs' in Purchases of Steel for Viet Nam; A.I.D. Halts Procurement (Press Conference)
1966.4.21             52-66     Statement by Senator Birch Bayh in Disclosing Findings Related to Steel for Viet Nam (Press Conference)
1966.4.24             53-66     Bayh to Be Honored by West Virginia College
1966.4.21             54-66     Bayh Answers Farm Policy Critic
1966.4.28             55-66     Bayh Seeks Additional Reservoir Funds
1966.4.28, 29         --          Testimony before Senate and House Public Works Appropriations Subcommittees
1966.4.28             56-66     Bayh Urges Rededication to Brotherhood Ideal
1966.4.28             57-66     Bayh Addresses Partners of the Alliance, Social Workers
1966.4.28               --           Bayh-Lines: THINK Around the World [missing]
1966.5.2               58-66     Bayh Urges Step-Up in Vietnam Civil Programs
1966.5.4               59-99     Bayh Supports Restoration of Funds in Farm Bil
1966.5.5               60-66     Bayh Offers Bill to Aid Air Service to Smaller Cities
Special                 61-66     Bayh to Participate in NATO Conference
1966.5.9               62-66     NATO Must Surmount Problems Created by DeGaulle, Senator Bayh Declares
Column                  --           A.I.D. Officials Are Hiding Behind a Veil of Secrecy
1966.5.12            63-66     Bayh Urges Viet Nam Steel Amendment; Seeks Improved Administration in Economic Aid Program
Special                 64-66     Bayh Lauds A.I.D.'s Efforts to Correct 'Steel Mess' in Viet Nam, But Rejects Proposed Compromise Plan
    --                           --          Advisory to News Media for May 18 News Conference
1966.5.17            65-66     American Bar Association Honors Bayh, Three Congressmen
1966.5.18            66-66     Bayh Offers Direct-Election Amendment
1966.5.18               --          Direct Popular Election Statement
1966.5.19            67-66     Bayh Schedules Commencement Speeches
1966.5.20            68-66     Bayh Asks Reconsideration of Accelerator Site
Column                --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: Let the People Choose Their President
1966.6.5              69-66      [Mrs. Bayh to Make Indiana Appearances]
1966.6.7              70-66      [Request to District Engineer of U.S. Army Corps to expedite Wabash Valley Survey]
1966.6.10            71-66     Bayh to Receive Third Honorary Degree [Anderson College]
1966.6.8              72-66     Bayh Praises Gary Tradewinds Rehabilitation Center
Column                  --           Footdragging on Disaster Relief Bill Preventing Aid to Disaster Victims
1966.6.18           73-66      A.I.D. Chief Indicates He Will Send Management Team to South Viet Nam
1966.6.19           74-66      Bayh Discloses Seizure of Film by AID; Indicates It May Have Been Meant for V.C.
1966.5-6                 --          BAYH-LINES: Washington: A Look Ahead [missing]
1966.6.17           75-66      Bayh Studies Pollution-Control Research Centers
1966.6.20               --          News Conference Announcement - Crime
1966.6                    --           Notes from News Conference
1966.6.20           76-66      Bayh Applauds Passage of Freedom of Information Bill
1966.6.23           77-66      Bayh Announces Plan to Probe Court Rulings [interrogation of suspects, Supreme Court]
1966.6.23               --          Statement by Senator Birch Bayh Regarding Hearings on the Constitutional Limitations of Law Enforcement Authorities
1966.6.24           78-66      'Don't Rest on Laurels,' Bayh Tells Hoosier Democrats
1966.6.29           79-66     New Oat Variety Developed at Purdue Presented to Brazil by Senator Bayh
1966.6                 80-66     Bayh Denounces Proposed Changes in Capitol Appearance
1966.7.6              81-66     Four Year Term Hearings Set
1966.7                    --          Bayh-Lines from Washington: Court Decisions Indicate Need for Careful Study
1966.7.10           82-66     Bayh Announces Summer Interns
1966.7.14           83-66     Bayh Announces Dates for Crime Hearings
1966.7.16           84-66     Subcommittee Sets School Prayer Hearings
1966.7.19           85-66     Bayh Urges Quick Action on Disaster Relief Bill
1966.7                 86-66     Bayh Continues Efforts to Prevent Capitol Alteration
1966.7                 87-66     Bayh Presses Steel Amendment to Foreign Aid Bill
1966.7.20           88-66     Bayh Begins Crime Probe
1966.7                     --         Tentative Witness List - Crime Hearings
1966.7.20               --         Statement by Senator, Opening Hearings on Criminal Investigation Procedure
1966.7.28           89-66     Bayh to Tour Indiana Water Development Projects
1966.7.30           90-66     Bayh Announces Tentative Witness List on Prayer Amendment
1966.7.31           91-66     Bayh Praises Halt to Capitol Changes
1966.8                    --          Bayh-Lines from Washington: Capitol Should Be Preserved
1966.8.1             92-66     Bayh Discloses Latest Hoosier Farm Figures; Declares Indiana Agriculture is 'Strongest'
1966.8.1             92-66     Bayh Warns against Emotionalism in Hearings on Prayer
1966.8.1             93-66     Statement by Senator Opening Hearings on 'School Prayer' by the Senate Subcommittee on Constitutional Amendments
Special                93-66     Bishop Raines Opposes School Prayer Amendment
Special                94-66     Bayh Announces Schedule for Water Development Tour
1966.8.12           95-66     Bayh Pleased with Work on Brookville Reservoir
1966.8.12           96-66     Bayh Inspects Clifty Creek Reservoir Site
1966.8.12           97-66     Bayh: Indiana Progressive in Watershed Program
1966.8.12           98-66     Bayh Visits Elk Creek Watershed
1966.8.12           99-66     Bayh Views Lost River Watershed
1966.8.12         100-66     Bayh Inspects Vacant West Baden Hotel
1966.8.12         101-66     Bayh Visits French Lick Watershed
1966.8.12         102-66     Bayh Says Pollution Control Desperately Needed
1966.8.13         103-66     Bayh Praises Indiana Watershed Program
1966.8.13         104-66     Bayh Inspects Prairie Creek Watershed
1966.8.13         105-66     Bayh: Indiana Finally Getting Its Due [federal assistance for flood control]
1966.8.13         106-66     Bayh Helps Start New Water System [Linton]
1966.8.13         107-66     Bayh Pleased by Monroe Reservoir [Bloomington]
1966.8.13         108-66     Bayh Plans Legislation Spurred by Terre Haute Group [pollution control research centers]
1966.8.15         109-66     Bayh Optimistic about Big Pine and Lafayette Reservoirs
1966.8.15         110-66     Bayh Says Fort Wayne Has Triple Benefit [water resource development]
1966.8.15         111-66     Bayh Ends Tour at Huntington Reservoir
1966.8.11         112-66     Bayh Declares That Society 'Has Right to Be Protected Against Criminals…' [American Law Student Association]
1966.8.26         113-66     Bayh Tells Kiwanians Crime Is Sickness That Cannot Be Ignored
1966.8.27         114-66     Bayh to I.D.E.A.: Water Supply Essential to Economy
1966.8.30         115-66     Bayh Asks for Careful Review of the Issues in Air Service Case
1966.8.31         116-66     Bayh Announces Approval of Two Indiana Watershed Projects
1966.9.11         117-66     Bayh Schedules Indiana Speaking Tou
1966.9.13         118-66     Bayh Says Hoosier Agriculture "Healthy"
1966.9.13         119-66     Bayh: Public Funds Figure in Economy
1966.9.14         120-66     Bayh: Traffic Deaths a Burden to Indiana
1966.9.15         121-66     Bayh Challenges Farmers to Increase Production
1966.9.16         122-66     Bayh Says Vietnam a Problem for All Americans
1966.9.17         123-66     Bayh Says Bethlehem Steel Plans Can't Hurt Port-Park Future
1966.9.17         124-66     Bayh Asks Help for Students [student loans]
1966.9.19         125-66     Bayh to Chair Hearings on St. Lawrence Seaway
1966.9.19               --          Press Conference Statement regarding Prayer in Public Schools by Senator Birch Bayh
1966.9.19         126-66     Bayh Asks Big Pine Allotment Be Reinstated
1966.9.21         127-66     Bayh Plans Indiana Speeches
1966.9.21         128-66     Electoral College Outdated, Bayh Tells Attorneys
1966.9.22         129-66     Bayh Suggest Extension of Medicare to Cover Mental Health
1966.9.22         130-66     Bayh Opens Indiana Office in Indianapolis
1966.9.26         130-66     Bayh Urges Prompt Reinstatement of Landfill Permit (includes public hearing testimony) [Bethlehem Steel Company, Valparaiso]
1966.9.28         131-66     Mrs. Bayh Schedules Indiana Tour
1966.9.28         132-66     Bayh to Spend Weekend in Indiana
1966.9.30         133-66     Bayh Named to Indiana and National Boards for Handicapped
1966.9.30         134-66     Bayh Praises Work of Heart Association
1966.10.5         135-66     Bayh Lists Indiana Schedule
1966.10.7         136-66     Bayh Says Southern Indiana Booming
1966.10.8         137-66     Bayh Says State Growth Creates Problems [traffic, water supply, education]
1966.10.7         138-66     Bayh "Gratified" by Passage of Foreign Aid Amendment
1966.10.10       139-66     Bayh Says Charges of Inflation Over-Exaggerated
1966.10.7         140-66     Senate Includes Big Pine in Public Works Bill: Bayh Pleased [lists appropriations for other Indiana projects also]
1966.10.15       141-66     Hoosier Laborer Doing Well, Bayh Says
1966.10.15       142-66     Bayh Plans Week of Indiana Speeches
1966.10.18       143-66     "War on Poverty" Does Not Rule Out Private Agency: Bayh
1966.10.16       144-66     Wages Up, Unemployment Down, Bayh Asserts
1966.                 145-66     Bayh Agrees to House Versions of Dunes and Disaster Bills
1966.10.20       146-66     Bayh Praises Watershed System
1966.10.21       147-66     Bayh Asks Improvement in Indiana Education
1966.10.22       148-66     Bayh Urges Push for Industry
1966.                 149-66     Bayh Opposes Appointment of AID's Poats [Rutherford M. Poats]
1966.                 150-66     Bayh Announces Indiana Schedule
1966.10.28       151-66     Bayh Summarizes Work of 89th Congress
1966.11.1          152-66     Bayh Says Juvenile Delinquency on the Rise
1966.11.2          153-66     Bayh Says 89th Congress Aided Young People
1966.11.3          154-66     Labor Market Strengthened by Congress, Bayh Says
1966.11.4          155-66     Bayh Says Elderly Have Bright Future
1966.11.10        156-66     Bayh Says U.S. Economic Aid Could Contribute to Arms Race in Latin America
1966.11.10        157-66     Wound of French Withdrawal Healing, Bayh Report to NATO
1966.11.14        158-66     Bayh Cites Goals for NATO in Paris Report
1966.11.26        159-66     Bayh Urges Teachers to Instruct Students in Practical Politics
1966.12.4          160-66     Bayh Criticizes Extremism in Civil Rights Movement
1966.12.13        161-66     Bayh Warns Against 'Standing Pat' on Automotive Air Pollution Problem
1966.                  162-66     Bayh Lauds Hoosier Response on 'Save the Capitol' Plan
1966.12.22        163-66     Bayh Raps Highway Cutbacks: Demands Restoration of Funds
1966.12.16             --          Bayh Raps 'Discrimination' against St. Lawrence Seaway; Entire Midwest
1966.                 164-66      Marine in Vietnam Gets Seed to Help Villagers Grow Corn
1966.11.24             --           Bayh-Lines from Washington: Can We Stop the Flooding?
     --                          --           Bayh-Lines from Washington: Water Pollution a Threat to All
1966.11.11              --          Bayh-Lines from Washington: Will We Have Enough? [water]
1966.10.                  --          Bayh-Lines from Washington: A Look at Indiana Water Resource Development
1966.10.18             --          Press Conference Statement by Senator Birch Bayh on Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore
1966.10.18             --          Press Conference Statement by Senator Birch Bayh on Disaster Bill: S.1861
1966.10.1               --          Press Conference Statement in Evansville on flood control
1966.12.                 --          "AID Prepares for its New Year [1967] with Trepidation" (John Maffre), Washington Post, n.d.