Modern Political Papers

Kate Cruikshank, Political Papers Specialist
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Indiana University Libraries
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Bloomington, IN 47405

Rachel E. Hancock, Project Archivist 
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Indiana University Libraries
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The Modern Political Papers Collection

The Indiana University Modern Political Papers Collection consists of the congressional papers of senators and members of the House of Representatives from Indiana and of prominent Indiana state legislators serving from post-World War II to the present.

The Collections

Birch Bayh Senatorial Papers (1963-1980)
Bayh-Dole Act of 1980 Digital Collection (1978-1980)
Dan Burton Congressional Papers (1983-2012)
Evan Bayh Press Files and Memorabilia (1988-2010)
Lee H. Hamilton Congressional Papers (1965-1998)
   Digitized Foreign Affairs Newsletters (1981-1998) and Washington Reports (1965-1998)
Lee H. Hamilton Post-Congressional Papers (1999-2010)
Lee H. Hamilton 9/11 Commission Papers Digital Collection (2003-2005)
Lee H. Hamilton 9/11 Public Discourse Project Papers (2003-2007)
Frank McCloskey Congressional Papers (1983-1994)
J. Edward Roush Congressional Papers (1959-67, 1971-76)
Jerry Udell Political Papers (1963-1980)
Mike Pence Congressional Papers (2001-2012)
Political Poster Collection (1964-1972)
Richard G. Lugar Senatorial Papers (1977-2012)
Robert D. Garton Indiana Senatorial Papers (1968-2015)
Carolyn Eve Campaign Memorabilia Collection (1964-1998)

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