Amy Cope

Director, Operations

Herman B Wells Library 232

(812) 855-6610

Since 2009, Amy has served as assistant to the Ruth Lilly Dean of University Libraries, working with over 260 faculty librarians and staff in the IU Libraries and serving as the liaison between the Dean of the Libraries and other offices on campus including the Office of the Provost, the Office of the Vice President for Research, and the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer. She directs and oversees all aspects of the annual IU Board of Trustees Election in accordance with Indiana state laws and university and library policies, monitoring distribution, collection, and counting of paper and electronic alumni ballots as she coordinates activities among campus officials, candidates, and the media.

Amy’s experience at the IU Libraries dates back to 1990 and includes serving as the School of Library and Information Science Branch Coordinator, the Undergraduate Library Services Office Coordinator, and the Cook Music Library Branch Coordinator.

She received her bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Simpson College, earned her master’s in vocal performance, and completed major coursework for her doctoral degree in vocal performance at Indiana University. Her training in opera led her to a career in New York City where she performed on a regular basis while also handling a job as an accounting agent for a property management company.

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