Our Core Values


We further the scholarly explorations of all who are curious by ever-expanding access to information and by creating an inclusive, welcoming environment to reach an ever-broadening research community.

Collaborations, consultations, and partnerships that are inclusive and transformational are fundamental to our work with all communities.

We are committed to deep-seated, structural change leading to greater diversity, inclusivity, access, and social justice in our workplace and campus community. Our work in collections, information services, publishing, and preservation amplifies the voices, experiences, and perspectives of those who have been oppressed, terrorized, silenced, or disadvantaged by the dominant culture.

We practice innovation in two primary ways: through technological enhancements and new organizational efficiencies in our resources, tools, and services; and by fostering equity, diversity, inclusivity, and justice in our work and goals as ongoing responses to a continually evolving social environment.

We practice transparency, openness, impartiality, accountability, and respect.