Our Mission

By connecting individuals to expert information services and responsibly curated, world-class collections, the people of IU Libraries inspire and empower students and faculty to excel in innovative research and creative activity, outstanding teaching and publishing, and deep, reflective learning. 


Our Vision

IU Libraries will be an in-demand partner and leader in advancing research and creativity, facilitating teaching and learning, and amplifying scholarship by enabling critical thinking and discourse, cultivating an inclusive environment, and providing equitable access to diverse perspectives and resources.


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Research & Creativity
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Student Experience
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Organizational Development & Culture
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World-Class Collections

Goal: Research & Creativity

IU Libraries will be an integral partner in the pursuit of groundbreaking research and creativity.

Advance and contribute to the coordination of research data services, support, and infrastructure.

Expand support for researchers in managing, communicating, and measuring the impact of their scholarship. 

Advance equitable, sustainable, and inclusive practices for disseminating research and creating openly accessible scholarship. 

Strengthen IU Libraries role as a partner in supporting and contributing to external research funding. 

Increase publishing relationships with institutional stakeholders on campus and throughout the state that focus on Indiana University, Indiana, and the Midwest.

Goal: Student Experience

IU Libraries will equip students for academic success and lifelong learning, and actively contribute to an exceptional student experience.

Ensure the availability of welcoming and inclusive learning environments and services.

*Connections to Diversity Strategic Plan Category 1

Maximize opportunities for students to develop the literacies needed to navigate an increasingly complex information landscape. 

Facilitate the adoption and use of openly accessible scholarly and educational resources. 

Expand services and opportunities for student engagement in research and creative experiences.   

Provide experiential learning opportunities for students to obtain transferable skills.  

Goal: Organizational Development & Culture

IU Libraries will be an inclusive and equitable work environment with a culture of care and trust. 

Enhance hiring processes and retention practices that foster a diverse and inclusive environment. 

*Connections to Diversity Strategic Plan Category 2

Expand opportunities for leaders to engage in intentional and inclusive leadership. 

*Connections to Diversity Strategic Plan Categories 2 and 5

Strengthen investments in organizational learning and employee development opportunities that address emerging and evolving needs. 

Advance the priorities outlined in IU Libraries Diversity Strategic Plan. 

*Connections to Diversity Strategic Plan Category 1 and 6

Maximize working practices that enable organizational effectiveness and align with organizational values, mission, and vision. 

*Connections to Diversity Strategic Plan Categories 1, 2, 5 and 6

Goal: World-Class Collections

IU Libraries will provide and preserve world-class collections that are inclusive, sustainable, easy to discover, and usable.

Extend diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility practices and policies into all collections work. 

*Connections to Diversity Strategic Plan Category 4 

Maximize capacity for sustainable collection development and management.      

Improve discoverability across all collections.   

Expand access to the library’s distinctive and special collections.     

Grow digital collections and integrate these into teaching, learning, and research workflows.   

For more information regarding the IU Libraries' Strategic Plan 2030, or to request a printable format, please reach out.