1. Access Services

    Access Services is the Libraries' point of contact for issues relating to borrowing and use of materials. Our department handles issues such as bills and fines, interlibrary loan pickup, circulation,...

    Type: Department
  2. Libraries Human Resources

    Libraries Human Resources develops strategies and services to ensure the availability of highly motivated, well-qualified, and customer-oriented library staff and to sustain the professional excellence associated with the staff and...

    Type: Department
  3. Preservation Lab

    The Preservation Lab supports the IU Libraries' mission to support and strengthen teaching, learning, and research, by preserving collections and the information they contain in usable and accessible formats.

    Type: Department
  4. Technical Services

    Guided by a passion for excellence and good stewardship, the Technical Services Department works in partnership with others to acquire and provide access to research collections in all formats for...

    Type: Department
  5. Cataloging

    Cataloging includes shelf preparation, database management, physical processing, West European cataloging, monographic copy cataloging, monographic original cataloging, serials cataloging, rush cataloging, and Area Studies. The cataloging department handles transfers, withdrawals,...

    Type: Department
  6. American Studies

    The study of American cultures from an interdisciplinary perspective.
    Type: Research Guide
  7. Arts & Humanities

    Arts and Humanities Librarians select library materials, provide specialized reference services, offer both group and individualized instruction, and serve as liaisons to arts and humanities departments whose collections are housed...

    Type: Department
  8. Teaching & Learning

    The Department of Teaching & Learning fosters an integrated approach to information literacy education. Information literacy involves using information critically in various contexts and for specific purposes. It includes but...

    Type: Department