List of Records Coordinators

Records Coordinators by Area (IU Log-in)

Role of a Records Coordinator for Records Management at IU

Act as a point person with the University Records Retention and Disposition Committee (URRDC) for your area/sub-area:

  • Receive communications about records management updates, issues, or questions.
  • Provide constructive comments and suggestions on URRDC draft policies, procedures, or workflows as needed.

Serve as an expert for your area/sub-area to:

  • Answer questions about applying applicable records retention and disposition schedules.
  • Liaise with the University Archives to help facilitate the transfer of archival records as needed.
  • Monitor environment for changes that might affect records retention schedules, such as updates to any statutes, regulations, or policies.
  • Submit retention schedule changes as needed.
  • Serve as a liaison with Data Managers and Data Stewards who work in your subject area (see: for a list of Steward and Data Managers).

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