Indiana Publishing is a free, high-quality, open-access publishing service for IU. We publish texts created by the IU community that are not publishable by scholarly or commercial presses but that are nonetheless worthy of the affordances of a publisher. 

This service is overseen by Adam Mazel, Digital Publishing Librarian. 

I am glad that I signed on with you.

Curt Lively, Distinguished Professor of Biology at IU Bloomington

What We Publish

Genres include:

  • Books
    • non-fiction (monographs, edited collections, memoirs, etc.)
    • fiction (novels, short stories, poetry, etc.)
  • Companions (Digital projects that accompany and extend traditional print publications)
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Reports

Of particular interest are texts that use digital affordances, such as:

  • Multimedia (text, images, audio, video, animations, etc.)
  • Interactivity
  • Code & Data / Data Analysis / Data Visualization

Who We Publish

We publish texts created by members of the IU community free of charge:








How We Publish

Our publishing platform is Quarto, a cutting-edge, free and open source publishing system that produces high-quality digital publications in almost any format.

We publish in multiple formats to facilitate access and accessibility:

  1. HTML (left) for web access, machine readability, and reflowable text
  2. EPUB for eReaders, accessibility by the disabled, and reflowable text
  3. PDF for printing
  4. Microsoft Word and Open Office for facilitating reuse
  5. Print (Optional) for physical / paper copies 

What We Provide

Copyright Advice & Assessment


Graphic Design & Typesetting


Hosting & Print-on-Demand





& More!

Why Publish with Us

Author Rights: Our authors retain their copyright and can republish their documents elsewhere.

Free for Readers: Our publications are open access: available to readers worldwide for free without cost or copyright restrictions.

Free for Authors: Our publications cost authors $0. There are no author-processing charges or publication fees

IU Branding: Our publications are certified with the IU imprint and logo.

Multiformat Publishing: Your content is published in multiple formats to broaden access and accessibility.

Low-Barrier Publishing: We publish any manuscript that meets our criteria. We welcome works for readerships of any size and / or that may not meet the financial requirements for publication by traditional presses.

Digital Media: Unlike print publications, our publications can include dynamic and interactive media (video, audio, data visualizations, etc.).

Bibliometrics: Our publications are indexed by Google Scholar and reader counts are provided by Google Analytics.