Places & Spaces: A History of Student Hangouts at IU Bloomington

IU Office of the Bicentennial, Franklin Hall 200
February 20th 2018 to April 16th 2018
8:00am to 5:00pm
Photo of 4 Flame Club members sitting in a booth at Nick's English Hut

Indiana University Bloomington has been attended by an incredible number of students in its almost 200 years of operation. While many aspects of the student experience have shifted and changed over the years, one common quest has endured: finding a great place to hang out and unwind after classes and work. This exhibition is an exploration of some of the most legendary hangout spots that students have frequented throughout the years. Some places, like Nick’s Old English Hut, are still a familiar part of the student experience to this day. Other spaces, such as The Book Nook and Ye Olde Regulator, remain steadfast favorites under different names and ownership--do Buffalouie’s and Kilroy’s ring a bell?

Some of the most beloved student haunts of the past are no longer in existence, but continue to live on in memories and historical records. Using archival photographs and documents, this exhibition serves as a snapshot of the social experience of Indiana University Bloomington students over the years.

Collection highlights include:

  • Excerpts from IU alumnus Kathleen Cavanaugh’s scrapbook (1963-1965)
  • Mock diploma for a “Doctor of Nookology” issued to former IUB president Herman B Wells at the Book Nook commencement ceremony (1931)
  • Restaurant menu and matchbook from The Gables restaurant (1996 and undated)
  • Photographs of Nick’s English Hut, The Book Nook, Ye Olde Regulator, and other popular gathering places
  • Vintage advertisements for The Book Nook, The Gables, and the IU Commons
Curators: Julia Kilgore, Bicentennial Graduate Assistant for the IU Archives, Tyler Davis, Graduate Assistant for the IU Archives. Hosted by: University Archives, IU Office of the Bicentennial.

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