The Indiana University Libraries created the Diversity Resident Program as one component of a multi-faceted approach to increase the inclusion and diversity of librarians at our institution as evinced in our Diversity Strategic Plan and to further the growth and development of academic librarians at Indiana University.

The program blends hands-on expertise with work both inside the library and with long-term library collaborative partners. All residents will be part of a three-year program that will allow ample time for orientation within the library as well as full support for professional development and a rotational program that will offer the resident time to plan, organize, and implement activities in a variety of libraries departments along with external facing library collaborative partners.

Residents will shape the residency to their interest, and design and deliver a capstone project that they build on the rotational projects as part of their three-year appointment. The IU Libraries are committed to working with the resident to make a successful transition from academic training to
research librarianship and provide the opportunity for hands-on experience in select areas of the IU Libraries operations.

The program is part of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Diversity Alliance. The purpose is to enrich the profession by introducing new perspectives and encouraging dialogue among librarians from diverse backgrounds. Residents will join a cohort of Residents/Fellows from other ACRL Diversity Alliance member institutions. The IU Libraries Diversity Resident program is based on best practices in “Executive Summary: Dr. Jason Alston’s Dissertation on Residency Programs within Academic Libraries” that will enable two to four rotations with departments within the IU Libraries and other IU collaborative partners over three years. The number and nature of the rotations are flexible.

About the Appointment

• Residents will be members of the IU Libraries faculty with a three-year appointment at the Visiting Librarian rank (see Bloomington Library Faculty (BLF) Handbook). This is a non-tenure track appointment.
• Residents will be strongly encouraged to engage in professional research and publication and will be supported with a professional development allocation. They will provide an annual faculty report for each year in the program.
• Residents will participate in the IU Libraries mentoring program and will periodically meet with members of the IU Libraries Diversity Committee.

About the Position

While residents will have one supervisor throughout the program, they will work in a variety of strategically central areas on a rotational basis. The number and nature of the rotations are flexible. Rotations will provide opportunities for exploration and service, helping the residents to identify areas of interest and strength for future career choices, while at the same time enabling the implementation of individual programmatic plans within the participating departments. During these rotations, the residents will work closely with a designated library department to implement programs that meets the needs of their constituents. Emphasis will be placed on a high quality portfolio outcome, suitable for publishing or presentation in national venues. Residents will have professional opportunities in areas of the Library and affiliated organizations including but not limited to 

  • Scholarly Communication
  • Special Collections
  • Preservation
  • User Experience
  • Digital Collections Services
  • IT
  • Library Services
  •  Content & Acquisitions
  • Cataloging,
  • Metadata
  • The HathiTrust Research Center

About Salary and Benefits

Residents will receive competitive salaries commensurate with their education and experience, as well as full-time staff benefits and funding for travel and professional development.