IULMIA Footage Sales Procedures

White gloved hand holds 16mm film



  • A significant portion of IULMIA's collections are accessible via Media Collections Online. However, many materials in IULMIA's collections (including those under copyright and those not yet fully processed) may not be viewable in a public search. After doing after doing an initial search, it is recommended that you contact IULMIA (iulmia@iu.edu) with your research topic(s) and we'll see if we can identify additional materials!
  • Through individualized, indepth research correspondence, IULMIA will help compile a list of streamable videos that are relevant to your project. IULMIA can provide downloadable watermarked copies (free of charge) of any materials you might be interested in purchasing.


  • It is your responsibility to identify copyright status of content. We'll do our best to assist!
  • For any content that IS in copyright, IULMIA requires you to provide proof of copyright clearance prior to final purchase. 

Content Delivery

  • Once you have finalized the footage you desire to purchase, IULMIA will provide you with a form to submit your request. IULMIA will review the request and generate an invoice.
  • Once the invoice has been paid, IULMIA will provide your requested footage (with a small handle on both ends). Files will be delivered as ProRes 4444 .mov unless otherwise noted. Please allow a 3-5 day turnaround for delivery of finalized content.

Footage Rates

  • We charge a rate of $25/second. For purchases of over 2 minutes (120 seconds), a discount may be possible.