Excited for Secretary of State Kerry's Campus Visit? Check Out Some Great Reads at Wells Library

Posted by Nicholas Wyant, Head, Social Sciences

This Thursday, October 15, the new School of Global and International Studies will host Secretary of State John Kerry - his address will be streamed live at 11am via broadcast.iu.edu.

The Secretary of State yields considerable power with regard to US Governmental policy and is the highest ranking diplomat. The research collection at Wells Library holds numerous titles written by, and about, Secretaries of State. As is clear by the list below, it is common for a President to have multiple Secretaries of State during their tenure. President Obama has had two, Secretary Hillary Clinton and current Secretary John Kerry.

Did you know that amongst our IU alumni we can count a Secretary of State? That's right! John Watson Foster, B.A. 1855 and M.A. 1857 - read more about this distinguished alumnus in the University Archives blog.

Selected Autobiographies/Biographies of Secretaries of State held by the Wells Library (Modern Presidency 1932-present)

Cordell Hull: Memoirs of Cordell Hull (1948)

Edward Stettinius: The Diaries of Edward Stettinius Jr. (1975)

James F. Byrnes: All in One Lifetime (1958) Speaking Frankly (1947)

George C. Marshall: George C. Marshall: Soldier-Stateman of the American Century (1989)

Dean Acheson: Present at the Creation; My Years in the State Department (1969)

John Foster Dulles John Foster Dulles: Piety, Pragmatism, and Power in U.S. Foreign Poilicy (1999)

Christian Herter Christian A. Herter (1970)

Dean Rusk As I Saw It (1990)

Henry Kissinger White House Years (1979)

Cyrus Vance Cyrus Vance (1985)

Edmund Muskie Muskie of Maine (1972)

Alexander Haig Inner Circles: How America Changed the World: A Memoir (1992)

Geroge P. Shultz Turmoil and Triumph: My Years as Secretary of State (1993)

James Baker Work hard, study-- and Keep Out of Politics (2006)

Warren Christopher Chances of a Lifetime (2001)

Madeleine Albright Read my Pins: Stories from a Diplomat's Jewel Box (2009)

Colin Powell It Worked for Me: In Life and Leadership (2012)

Condoleezza Rice No Higher Honor: A Memoir of my Years in Washington (2011)

Hilary Clinton Hard Choices (2014)

John Kerry A Call to Service (2003)