Contact the Bills and Fines Coordinator: 

musiclib_bills @;  phone: (812) 855-6254

For questions about borrowing privileges, visit the Cook Music Library Borrowing Privileges page.

Basic Bills and Fines Information

Overdue items

Certain items from the library that are not returned on time will accrue overdue fines. The maximum amount that items can accrue are as follows:

  • Course Reserve Items: Maximum overdue fine - $25.00

  • Adapters and Small Equipment (Headphones, phone chargers, disk drives etc.): Maximum overdue fine - $25.00

  • Recording Equipment (Audio/Video Recorders), Laptops, Microphones, Projectors: Maximum overdue fine - $100.00

  • Audiovisual Materials (CD, DVDs, LPs etc.): Maximum overdue fine - $25 

While some items no longer have overdue fines (such as normal books and scores), they will still be charged for replacement if they are considered missing. See “Unreturned Items” for more information. 

Unreturned Items

When an item has been overdue for 30 days, the item is considered missing. When an item is considered missing a replacement fee of $125 will be charged to your account.  See the “Refund” section of this page for information on how to receive a refund or contact the Bills and Fines Coordinator to discuss what can be done about the fine. 


When an item is recalled, the patron has 10 days to return the item to the Music Library. All Cook Music Library items are eligible to be recalled by another patron at any time. Being away from campus does not excuse a borrower from their responsibility to return a recalled book by the recall due date. 

If the item does not return within 10 days, the person that has the item will be charged a “Recall Overdue Fee” of $25. If the item is not returned, the patron will also be charged a replacement fee of $125 for a total of $150. 


Overdue notices are sent as a courtesy. Failing to receive an overdue notice does not absolve a borrower from responsibility should they receive a bill or fine.

For normal loans an overdue notice is sent seven days past the due date and again 30 days past the due date. Overdue intervals vary for recalls, and other special loans. 


Regularly circulating (over 24-hour loan period) Cook Music Library items may be renewed by the borrower through IUCAT. Click the My Account link to log in and renew items.

Bills and Fines FAQs

Notices for Returned Items

Q:   I got an overdue and/or billing notice for an item that I already returned, what should I do? 
A:    First, check again to make sure you don’t still have the item in your possession. Then, contact the Bills and Fines Coordinator, who will initiate a 6-month intensive search throughout the Music Library. If the item is found during the search, you will be notified. If the item is not found, you will be responsible for the item’s replacement after the search in complete.

Q:   I got a notice about an incomplete item. What should I do? 
A:   The parts specified in the notice you received from the Bills and Fines Coordinator need to be returned. If they are not, the item will not be checked in and will eventually be considered as missing. When this happens, a $125 replacement fee will be added to your account. If you know you do not have the parts, contact the Bills and Fines Coordinator as soon as possible to discuss providing a replacement. 

Q: I received a bill for something, but I never received the overdue notice. Do I still have to pay? 
A:  Yes, notices are only sent as a courtesy to the borrower; it is the borrower's responsibility to know when his/her items are due.


Q:   Why do I owe $125.00 for a music library item? 
A:   You have been billed for replacement of an item. This happens due to one of the following reasons:

  • The item has been overdue for 30 days and is now considered “missing”. 

  • An incomplete item was returned, and the parts needed to complete the item have not returned. 

  • An item was returned that was damaged beyond repair and has been billed for replacement. 

Q:   Why do I owe $150 for a music library item? 
A:    You have been billed for replacement of an item for which a recall was placed. You were sent an email with the item’s new due date and failed to return the item by that date.

Q: Why do I owe $25 for a recalled item when it was only a little late? 
A:  The item was not returned by the date specified in the recall email that was sent. Once the deadline has passed, $25 is immediately charged to your account. If the item is not returned after that, the item will be considered missing and a replacement charge will be added to your account as well, bringing the total to $150.

Q:   I have been billed an amount other than what is listed here. Why? 
A:   You may have been billed for replacing a rare or expensive item that you had checked out. Check with the Bills and Fines Coordinator to be sure.


Q:   An item I checked out has been recalled. What does this mean? 
A:   When another patron needs an item that is checked out, they can place a recall request using our online recall form. Once you receive an email notice that an item has been recalled, you have 10 days to return it. On the 11th day, if the item is not returned, you will be charged a “Recall Overdue Fee” of $25. 

Q:   I live outside of Bloomington and my Music Library item has been recalled. Do I still have to return it by the recall date? 
A:   Yes, all music library items are eligible for recall from any other patron regardless of their location. If you do not think it will arrive in time, send an email to the Bills and Fines Coordinator to discuss the situation. You can mail the item to any IU Library or mail it to the Music Library at:

William and Gayle Cook Music Library 
200 S Eagleson Ave
Bloomington, IN, 47405

We suggest getting insurance on the item as it is sent in, as you will be responsible for any damages that occur while the item is in transit. 


Q:   I found the item for which I was billed for replacement. Can I receive a refund if I turn it in? 
A:  Yes. If you turn an item in within one calendar year of when the item was originally  billed, the fee will be refunded. The amount you will be refunded will depend on the type of bill. 

Patron Replacement

Q:    I have lost an item that belongs to the Music Library. May I replace it myself rather than paying the standard replacement fee? 
A:     Yes, but you must make arrangement with the Bills and Fines Coordinator prior to purchasing a replacement.

Q:     I just lost a single part from a set but I have the other parts. Can I just buy a replacement for the lost part? 
A:     No, you must provide a replacement for the entire item.

Paying Fees

Q:   How do I pay my Music Library fees? 
A:    Billing will be handled by the Office of the Bursar. You can pay the same way as you would with any other charge through the bursar.  Even if you are not affiliated with IU other than your library account, the Office of the Bursar will handle payments for your fines.

You also have the option of paying your fees in person at the Wells Library if less than two weeks has passed since the bill was issued.