Graduate Assistant Suyash Kumar Neupane (left) helps research patron Shyam Nepali access recordings from the Annapurna Bech Memorial Collection.
Graduate Assistant Suyash Kumar Neupane (left) helps patron Shyam Nepali access the Annapurna Bech Memorial Collection.


The Archives of Traditional Music (ATM) Reading Room, located in Cook Music Library 260 on the 2nd Floor, is open and available to researchers for quiet study and for use of ATM papers and manuscript materials, book and journal collections, and listening copies of recordings. Due to the archival, original, and/or unique nature of our materials, we ask that visitors use care when handling our materials, and follow the guidelines below: 

  • Use of pencils for note taking is permitted, but refrain from the use of pens, markers, or any other permanent writing utensil. Writing or notetaking on ATM material is prohibited.
  • No food or open beverages are allowed in the library.
  • Bags and backpacks should be stored away from the work area and materials within the library.
  • When using ATM print materials, you will be asked to provide a photo ID.
  • Use of ATM computers is available to all, but priority will be given to those conducting research with ATM materials. You are free to bring your own laptop or tablet.
  • Mobile phones and headphones are permitted, but we ask that you put devices in silent mode as a courtesy to other visitors. 
  • Unauthorized duplication of recordings and documentation is strictly prohibited. Personal recording devices are not permitted.
  • As with the rest of IU campus buildings, we are a smoke-free facility (which includes the use of e-cigarettes).

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our materials are housed in secure and climate-controlled locations off-site. If planning to use ATM materials, advance notice of your research visit is encouraged, but walk-ins are welcome. 

When you request print materials to be used in the ATM Library, our staff will bring the materials to the work area for you and will explain directions for handling the material. When you are finished, staff will retrieve materials from you to return to its proper location within the Archive.

Many of the recordings in our holdings have physical access copies available, or can be made available for online streaming. Advance notice of your visit is appreciated, but walk-ins are welcome. Materials digitized through the Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative (MDPI) may be made available to IU users via Media Collections Online. For more information about getting access to recordings in our collections, or questions regarding available recordings, please contact the ATM Librarian.

As stated above, unauthorized duplication of recordings in the ATM Library is strictly prohibited. Materials housed at the ATM may also have access restrictions depending on deposit agreement. For more information, please contact ATM staff at atmusic @ indiana . edu.

Scans of collection documentation can be made subject to deposit agreement and access restrictions to the collection. Digital scans of documentation can be made by ATM staff. For more information, please contact ATM staff at atmusic @ indiana . edu.

Rights and Permissions

Materials in ATM holdings may be subject to legal and ethical access restrictions. Anyone wishing to publish research using ATM materials should contact ATM staff.

In most cases the ATM does not hold copyright in the materials within our holdings. It is the responsibility of the researcher to secure any necessary copyright permissions prior to intended use. 

For further questions about the ATM Listening Library and Reading Room, or for inquiries about any of the duplication services and publication permissions described above, please contact ATM staff.