Collections at the Archives of Traditional Music have inspired scholars to create histories that have remained unwritten or to explore the history behind the creation of the collection itself. Each of these audio documentaries or podcasts have used the collections of the Archives of Traditional Music as a key part of their story. As curated sound, they tell the story of the collections in the Archives and of the people with whom they were originally made.

Gaita musician, San Jacinto, Colombia

Cumbia: The Construction of a Musical Genre in the Mid-20th CenturyMay 2012. Juan Sebastian Rojas explores the history of the Colombian cumbia with generous examples from George List's 1960s field research in Colombia's Caribbean coast.



Ola Belle Reed performing

Ola Belle Reed and Henry Glassie. December 2012. Henry Glassie discusses his friendship and his research with Ola Belle Reed and the New River Boys and Girls in the mid 1960s in Pennsylvania. Produced by Nate Gibson.




Gennett Record label

The Starr Gennett Foundation and the Archives of Traditional Music. December 2012. This podcast produced by Nate Gibson introduces listeners to the impact of Gennett records, and the move of a large collection of Gennett 78 rpm records from the Starr Gennett Foundation to the ATM.