Posted by Nicholas Wyant, Head, Social Sciences
Bucknell University students and faculty at work in a computer lab.

In 1995 as a means to alleviate the problem of diminishing shelf space available in libraries William G. Bowen in conjunction with The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation launched JSTOR, an expansive, ever growing collection of books, scholarly journals, and primary sources. Through JSTOR IU students, faculty, and alumni can access the full-text of hundreds of important journals in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. One can browse by subject, title, or publisher; perform full-text searches; or see how many times an article or author has been cited by using the Citation Locator. The variety of subjects and journals represented in the collection encourage interdisciplinary research while the usability of both the browse and search functions make the content accessible to less practiced researchers. Students and researchers at any level, investigating any topic would benefit by searching JSTOR.

-Tim Berge

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