May 6th: Swain Hall Library Closure

April 18th 2016

The Swain Hall Library will close permanently at the end of the day on May 6, 2016. Currently, the Serot Commons is set to be relocated to Swain West, but it will not be available for use until after renovations on that building are completed.

E-journals and online database access

Tools such as MathSciNet, Springer eBooks Collection, the ACM Digital Library, and Books 24X7 will continue to be available using desktops, laptops, and other mobile devices. For a complete listing of relevant search tools and databases, visit the appropriate research guide:

Books and print journals 

Our small number of current print journal subscriptions and monographic series are presently being moved to the Chemistry Library. With colleagues, I am examining the Swain collection to thoughtfully determine which materials from the Swain Library will reside in the Chemistry Library.  Beginning last summer, all new print computer science books were shelved in the Wells Library, and that will continue.  New books for the other subject areas will be kept in the Chemistry Library.  We are developing a small, core collection of high quality, multidisciplinary science, engineering, mathematics, physics, astronomy, and statistics for transfer to the Chemistry Library this summer, but the majority of the collection will be transferred to the ALF, and that process is already underway.  We continue to collect electronic books, therefore discovery through IUCAT continues to be very important for using the book collections.  During this transition time, as books are returned at semester’s end, and large numbers of books are in the process of transfer, there may be some delays in getting a needed book through May, 2016.


Print Reserves will be moved to the Chemistry Library effective Summer Session 1 2016.  Faculty wishing to place items on reserve for this summer and for the future may do so using our online reserves request form. Contact Chris Phillips, Branch Coordinator in the Life Sciences Library, with questions.

Faculty and graduate students with secure mailboxes are being encouraged to sign up for office delivery service.  Effective April 24, Swain Hall Library will be removed as a delivery option in IUCAT. Anyone can select a pick up location of their choice using IUCAT. For example, Chemistry Library (room C003) may be used as your new pick up library should you wish to make the walk - simply select Chemistry when you place your delivery request.

For additional services such as reference and instructional support, or for other questions about the library and services during this transition, please contact me (contact information for Bob Noel).  I will continue to serve as the librarian and collection manager for your departments. After July 8, 2016, I can be reached in Swain East 205, 812-855-3437, or in the Chemistry Library.  Please get in touch if you have questions about this transition.

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Jennifer Laherty
Jennifer Laherty - Head of Sciences, Associate Librarian
(812) 855-5609

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